Thursday, February 25, 2021

National Chili Day - Lay's Game Day Chili flavored Chips - February 25th

The fourth Thursday in February has been designated National Chili Day! We're celebrating with homemade Chili and these Limited Time Lay's Game Day Chili flavored chips!

I've been holding onto these chips for just such an occasion. Today is perfect!

Theresa very loosely follows the recipe "It's Chili by George" on She's been using this recipe for years and had subbed out ingredients for ones that she likes better. Instead of kidney and pinto beans, she uses black beans and great northern beans, adds a can of corn, and doubles the spices except for the cayenne and chili powder. 

I like how the Lay's bag has a good picture of their ideal bowl of chili.

The back throws out buzzwords like Hearty, Cook-Off, Crispy, and Touch Down!

Theresa's chili is delicious, and I topped it with sour cream and cheese, similar to the picture above. 

These chips look heavily spiced, 

Time to taste them! The kids dug right in. 

Ian doesn't hide his feelings very well. He said they were spicy, but the rest of us are feeling pretty much the opposite. These chili chips are disappointingly bland. Richard and I tried them at the same time and we were both trying to find a distinguishing flavor. Theresa suggested they were a light barbecue flavor, but lacked the normal sweetness that might come with them. Alli thought they were good. 
Looking at the ingredients, they say there's tomato powder, onion powder, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, paprika, and other spices.  

So, the chips were just alright. Nothing special to us. 
Theresa's homemade chili on the other hand was a big hit with everyone. Even Ian!


  1. The chili looked really good as it was simmering...that rich color and the smoke rising from the pot made it look extra delicious!...I think I was already tasting it as it was cooking in the photo :-) Ian definitely gave that "not very good" expression to show what he thought of the chips. Too bad the chips were bland tasting, especially after the anticipation of waiting to try it (kind of a let down!) At least Theresa's homemade chili saved the day! EOM

    1. It's odd the different experiences some people have. My brother tried these as well and thought they were a harsh bbq with some old bay flavor in there. Oh well. At least the chili was great!