Friday, November 26, 2021

The Flowers Explore - Orlando RV Resort - 2021/10/27-11/16

We're in Florida and it's finally time to settle in. After all these months on the road, Orlando will be our home until April when we start this whole thing again. And now that we're not moving around so often, we are spending a lot longer in one place. Three whole weeks at this resort!

No more map updates until next year. Our 28th stop and we are home. 
Amazingly, Orlando RV Resort has over 1000 different sites! We arrived a little after checkin time (noon) and Theresa hopped on a bike to scout out our spot. She called me on the phone and I drove the RV over to this brand new section of the resort with giant concrete pads, wide roads, and no trees to navigate around. It was the perfect place to stay for the next 3 weeks!

At the same resort, there are a few other sections that seem like something completely different. Theresa compared it to the Bayou section of Pirates of the Caribbean. 

It's got quite a different feel from the section we're in. 

Let's see what's around the resort. There's corn hole for the kids to play. 

A garden for some of the seasonal campers here. 

These tomatoes are still growing. 

There's not one, but two big pools here! One is warm (where most people decided to hang out) and this one which was chilled (we figured maybe for lap swimming). The kids had a great time diving for things in the water. 


These skies are beautiful. 

On a few different nights we took advantage of their Pickleball courts. There's lights so we can play after dark!

The nearby Walmart had an entire aisle dedicated to Ramen. It was really odd. Every 2-3 feet there was a price-tag. All of them identical. $2.84 for Ramen. 

Back at the resort, these mini-golf greens were beautiful. Very well maintained. 

Alli is pulling up her ball after hitting a hole-in-one!
It was a very close, but I squeaked by with a 46. Theresa putted for 48. And Alli was very close, putting 57! 

Even though we got to celebrate Halloween back at Tuxbury Pond a month ago, here in Florida they are open year round and they celebrate Halloween on October 31st!

We walked around to a few hundred of the 1000 different sites here, but there weren't too many people giving out candy. Instead, near the main activity house, the parking lot has been taken over by trunk-or-treat. 

There's lots of people here giving out candy. 

But the best was this couple who were giving out not just regular candy bars, but King size and Movie size candy bars! So cool!

They came back with a whole bunch of candy and there was one person giving out bags of popcorn!

In reading the reviews, Theresa read that you can see the Disney World fireworks from across the lake. There's a 8pm show at the Magic Kingdom, and a 9:45pm show at Epcot. We're definitely seeing the early show. 

Theresa pulled up the soundtrack for the fireworks and we listened to the audio in the truck while we watched fireworks from far away. 

While we were here, the kids saw big birds, squirrels, tortoises, and a whole bunch of ants. No snakes or gators. 

Let's go swimming!

Nice to have it all to ourselves!

Alli - Daddy, the pool is 18 Ians long. 
How do you know that? 
Alli - We measured. 
Yes, Ian would lay down, Alli would mark it, then Ian would move again. 

Because it's Florida, some of the days were rainy. 

A good day to hang out inside. Do puzzles. 

Sit and read together. 

Practice piano. 

Or play Just Dance. They've been loving all the dancing. 

While we were walking around the resort, we found a coconut on the ground. After busting it open, it was lear that bugs had gotten into it and it wouldn't be good for eating. Later when we went to a grocery store, the kids found a coconut in the produce aisle and had to have it. 

It didn't take long to drill through the end to get into the coconut water. 

The kids poured it off and gave it a taste. I left the coconut in the fridge so the water would be nice and cold. They tried it and gave it a big thumbs down. 

Now let's get into the coconut meat. I pulled out the saw and we cut through the tough outer shell. 

The meat inside was tasty! We do like coconut!

Three weeks went by quick, but we did a lot of fun stuff in that time. 
But now it's time to pack up and get going! Time for our next adventure!


  1. Yes!...concrete pads, WIDE roads, and NO trees to maneuver around...parking paradise for an RV! Lots of things to enjoy at the that garden for the seasonal campers...different scenery to give a different aura, but at the same, seeing the MK fireworks from across the lake (how magical)...enjoying colorful, mini golf greens (and another hole-in-one for Alli!) Trunk-or-Treat (king size candy bar...oh my!)...usable pickleball courts that are even lit at night!...of course, the requisite swimming pools (and having the length of 18 a good chuckle at that measurement unit)...and so much more! Fresh coconut to enjoy!...nice. Relaxing to enjoy 3 weeks in one place for a change! EOM

  2. I work in a grocery store- the Ramen aisle is something we do when we are preparing to set up a seasonal aisle or move a large section of items. It's just a placeholder for a few days/weeks while we wait to get the items in stock.

    1. Oh interesting. That's the first time I've seen something like that, but that does make sense. Much better than just having empty shelves. But printing out a few hundred Ramen price stickers seems like a lot of work!