Friday, November 5, 2021

The Flowers Explore - Kenisee Lake Ohio - 2021/10/05-07

Travel time! Niagara Falls has been a lot of fun, but today we're making a push to move west. Our ultimate goal will be to get to Michigan to spend a couple weeks, but that's too far for one day of driving. Instead we're going to make a stop in Ohio, and thank goodness for that! This state park has electric, but no water or sewer hookups. It'll be nice to get to a place where we can do laundry! Our destination is Kenisee Lake Ohio!

That's a lot of travel stops. 
Our journey today will take us from New York, through Pennsylvania, and into Ohio. Only a 3.5 drive in the RV today! I like short travel days! 

A little over halfway through the trip, we made it into Pennsylvania! 

Our one stop was a very convenient rest area with plenty of truck and RV parking. 

Made it to Ohio! 

And believe it or not, that's another state for the kids! Ohio is state number 30 on the list of states the kids have visited!

It's a good thing we have our RVTripWizard to guide us. Yes, there were signs, but it was good to know ahead of time that we were going a longer route to avoid a low clearance 10'6" bridge. 
We made it to Kenisee Lake Campground in Ohio! We're only spending 2 nights here. 

I parked the RV while Theresa went inside and got us checked in. Backing in wasn't too bad today. Just had to give it a little gas to keep it moving through the muddy grass. Looks like there's been a little bit of rain here recently. 

Alli is adding another state to our RV map! 

After dinner we left to see what all the campground has at it. There's a lot of open space. Even though all the sites are taken, I like that it doesn't feel like it's crowded here.  

We played a bit of basketball with a soccer ball that we brought with us. 

And the kids had fun kicking it down the path while we walked. 
Kids - They have a pool! 
I wonder if it's still open? So many of the places we've visited had their pools closed weeks ago. But the gate was unlocked! And sticking our hand in the water, it was warm! They were excited!

We finished our walk getting over 2 miles in. It's good to get out and stretch our legs after a travel day. 

The next day, it was unseasonably warm. It's early October in Ohio, but it's in the high 70s! The kids finished their school and then after lunch, while Theresa ran to the grocery store, the kids and I headed to the pool!

It's a beautiful day and it's not crowded at all! 

They got their showers. 

And with no thoughts of needing float vests, the kids jumped right in!

I brought the pool diving toys and they had a lot of fun diving down and pulling them up. It was great! Our own private pool!

And when Theresa was done with shopping, she came over with her guitar and continued her practicing. The kids swam for nearly 2 hours! I'm glad they got one more chance to swim before things started to get too cold. 

There's one more thing the kids want to get in in the short time we're here. Mini-golf!

A lot of these Thousand Trails campgrounds have free mini-golf, though you never know what state the greens will be in. These ones were pretty clean, though there were a few pebbles here and there that had to be cleared. Alli and Ian are determined to get their scores down and "not come in last again." 

Ian is celebrating his wild hole-in-one. There wasn't a very smooth transition to get it over the bridge, so you've got to whack the ball pretty hard. His bounced up and over, then off the back wall, before finally rolling into the hole. 

Theresa thought his pose above looked a lot like the picture I posted a couple weeks ago of myself after getting a strike during bowling. 

What a wild 18th hole! In the end, I would come away in 1st place, with Theresa in 2nd. Ian took 3rd and Alli 4th, but we are seeing improvement. A bit more practice and we'll have some real competition on our hands. 

After dinner we walked outside while the sun was setting. 

I found a swing, and we all rocked while overlooking Kenisee Lake. 

I wonder if there's any real measurable difference between a lake and a pond. This Kenisee Lake is only about 1100 feet at its longest point. Tuxbury Pond, that we were at a couple weeks ago, is so much bigger with at least 3700 feet, but it's still just called a pond. 

Yes Alli, that's an acorn, even though it's longer than the ones you're used to finding. I'm sure the squirrels will still enjoy eating it. 

On our way back to the RV, Ian suddenly stopped saying "that's a big worm!" No buddy, that's actually a baby snake. It was in a hurry to get off the path once it saw us coming. 
This frog however wasn't as quick, and we got to watch it as it hopped past us. Watch out for those snakes froggie!

The next morning, it is time to get going! It was a quick, but pleasant stop at Kenisee Lake. We must have done 6 loads of laundry to catch up from our 5 days at Niagara. And it was great being able to take longer hot showers again and not worry about running out of water. It's been fun but it's time for us to move along and head to Michigan to visit with family! 

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  1. Kenisee Lake was a very nice stop to "refuel" on some necessary chores and get in some fun outdoor activities due to the unusually warm weather (even had a "private" pool that was serenaded by Theresa!) That's an unusual-looking basketball "hoop" a big mushroom from outer space! A swinging bench!...perfect for the family to gently swing on it together while peacefully looking out at the lake...nice! Great hole-in-one, you & Alli have hole-in-ones to lay claim to...and it looks like your #1 finger gesture is following after your Dad's footsteps :-) Recharged and ready to move on!! EOM