Sunday, November 21, 2021

Visiting Cocoa Beach with Abby - 2021/11/14

Happy Sunday! It's a great day to visit the beach! And as luck would have it, we've get to hang out with a special visitor! 

Abby is back in college, but she's also part of her school's traveling worship team. They visit churches all over the Southeast and sing during the Sunday services. This week they are visiting Florida and it's close enough (1.5 hours) that we can stop by! 

She's only got a couple hours, but any time with family is good time. The kids were so thrilled that we were going to get to hang out with cousin Abby for a little while. 

They love their cousin. 

What's a place nearby where we can chill for a little bit? How about Cocoa Beach? 

We parked in a surprisingly empty beach lot. I was really expecting to have a harder time finding parking. It's in the mid 70s, low wind, and a Sunday. I would have expected this place to be packed!


The beach has great sand. I could play some beach volleyball here if only there were some nets. 

Lunch was from a well reviewed Mexican restaurant nearby. We got it to-go and enjoyed a tasty meal in the sunshine on the beach. 

After lunch, the kids loved playing in the sand and running from the waves together. 

Building sandcastles. 

And having them wiped out by the random rogue wave. The water here is a little chilly. 

What's that out in the ocean there? Abby spotted dolphins playing out in the water! 

Some of the video clips I took. 

All too soon our time was up. It was great being able to hang out though. 

There should be time for one more stop though. Maybe a little ice cream to top off lunch? 

So good to see you Abby! Have a safe trip back to college!

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  1. What a great surprise that Abby was "close enough" that you could all travel and visit her for that brief time. Cocoa Beach was relaxing to hang out at...get a little wet, bask in the sun, and build sand castles; and enjoy some food together! Time really zipped on by at Cocoa Beach. So wonderful that Abby is able to travel with her school's worship team to sing at different services...she and the worship team are truly a blessing to the congregations. EOM