Thursday, November 11, 2021

Happy Birthday Ian!

Happy Birthday Ian! You're such an awesome kid!

For breakfast he asked for chocolate chip pancakes!

And for dinner, he wanted Cheese Fondue and Chicken Nuggets! Yum!

It's hard to believe that it was 8 years ago that we were just coming home from the hospital. Hi Grammy and Grandpa!

And it didn't take long for the family to come out and visit. Hi Uncle Don and Abby!

Such a little guy! 
Hi Aunt Rita and Aubrey! And there's some other kids in this picture who have grown up a lot too.

Happy Birthday Ian! 
We've done a ton of awesome adventures and I'm looking forward to many many more together!

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  1. Wow...8 years old already...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ian!! Just looking back at those pictures when you were just born shows how time has flown by. You've become the big brother in the household, looking after your little sis and loving her, Mom, & Dad with your big heart. Lots more adventures await you in the days and years ahead...remember, "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow!" Btw, your breakfast pancakes look especially good with those chocolate chips :-) P.S. Your cousins Abby & Aubrey have grown up quite a bit, too, and into two young, wonderful ladies! EOM