Friday, March 3, 2023

Pineapple Mountain Dew, Maui Burst, Tropical Sunrise, and Baja Flash Taste Test Comparison

I love Mountain Dew! And I love Pineapple! Mountain Dew has made not one, not two, but three different versions of it that I could get a hold of! 

The Mountain Dew Maui Burst is an exclusive flavor to Dollar Tree so I'm glad we were able to find it! 
Tropical Sunrise Mountain Dew is an energy drink with Pineapple and other natural flavors. 
Then there's the Baja Flash Mountain Dew, which is Pineapple and Coconut flavored Dew. We tried it back in 2021 with the family and my brother happened to still have a few cans around. We're also trying a fresh pineapple to go along with all these sodas to compare it to the real thing!

Each seems to be a different shade of yellow. I'm curious how different they will all taste. 

Ian - It's delicious!
Megan - It's really good. 
Theresa - That's one of the best tasting "weird" Mountain Dews. Non-traditional flavors. 
Joe - Avery, how many thumbs up do you give it? 
Avery - I give it nine... million thumbs up. 
Joe - It's good pineapple. It's different than the other pineapple sodas I've tried. Not like Fanta Pineapple. 
Theresa - It tastes like Mountain Dew with a tiny bit of pineapple. 
Patrick - I like it very much. 
Gram - It's refreshing. 

Snacking on the fresh pineapple. 
Avery - I give the pineapple nine... trillion thumbs up. 

Now, how is that Mountain Dew Pineapple Energy drink? 

Ian - Ugh. 
Theresa - It probably has weird stuff in it. 
Megan - It's not my favorite. 
Ian - It tastes horrible!!!
Patrick - It's got the normal energy drink aftertaste. 
Megan - It's got the aftertaste of Monster Energy. 
Alli - It's pretty good!
Megan - Only in a caffeine emergency would I drink that one.
Theresa - I've got to cleanse my palate after that. 

The Baja Flash was my favorite of the three from last year. 

Megan - It's like the other one, but with sunscreen. 
Joe - Aww. 
Ian - It does. I can't agree more. 
Joe - How many of you are drinking sunscreen? 

Sheila - It's okay. 
Patrick - If I feel like a beach drink, I'll do that one. 
Joe - I like it. I like having the coconut flavor. 
Theresa - Maybe I just don't like carbonated coconut. 

Avery - I give it one zillion thumbs up. 
Gram - You don't have that many thumbs. 

Theresa - Maui Burst has more "bite". 
Mickey - Maui Burst was the best by far. 

Maui Burst - Ian, Patrick, Alli, Megan, Mickey, Sheila, Theresa
Baja Flash - Joe

Avery - I like all of them!

Guess I'm all alone in the pineapple/coconut camp. But if you can find it, go try the Maui Burst Pineapple Mountain Dew! It was a big hit!

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  1. Maui Burst sounds like the big favorite (sorry, Joe :-) ) Not sure a sunscreen flavor sounds like an appetizing description for the Baja Flash :-) Avery has sooooooooooooo many thumbs to rate the drinks...wonder where she hides them :-) !! I think the fresh, sweet pineapple fruit is the real, stealth winner! EOM