Sunday, March 12, 2023

Pizza at Home - Colorado Green Chile Pizza plus the Pueblo Chile Festival

Sunday is pizza day! When I went to breakfast with my friend Sadie from high school, I made the comment that I was trying to figure out which pizza I should make to be my "Colorado" inspired pizza. She suggested that green chiles would be a good thing to make and I thought it sounded perfect! Let's do it!

As luck would have it, down south in Pueblo, Colorado they were having their annual Chile and Frijoles festival! T and I were traveling (again) at the time, but Megan, Patrick, and Avery all drove down to check it out. 

It's very popular!

Lots of fresh chiles. Beautiful picture. 

And roasted green chiles! Yum! 

And of course there's lots of tasty food. 


They enjoyed a lot of tasty food and entertainment while they were down there. 

And as I requested, they made sure to buy a few roasted green chiles to make up our pizza for the week!

Megan is making a very delicious Green Chili sauce that will serve as the base sauce for our pizza tonight. She found a recipe from for How To Make The Best Green Chile Sauce

The gloves are a good idea. 

After combining onion, garlic, butter, flour, and chicken broth, and of course the green chiles, everything simmered on the stove. 

Then Megan took care to pulverize everything with an immersion blender. Yum!

Since this pizza is going to be a little spicy, I figured a little extra heat wouldn't hurt. Let's add some pepper jack cheese to it. 

Tonight we'll be making a Thin Crust Pizza, similarly to every other pizza this year. Our ingredients tonight are our green chile sauce, thanks to Megan, chicken, pepper jack cheese, and green chile pieces. 

Spreading our tasty green sauce. 

That looks fantastic. 

With these thin pizzas, the best way I know to start them is to transport them to the oven, parchment paper and all. For the first 3 minutes or so, everything bakes together. Once the crust starts to firm up, the parchment comes out and the pizza cooks directly on top of a pizza stone. 

It's going to be tasty!

It came out looking wonderful. 

Our Colorado inspired pizza. Getting our picture in front of the Colorado plains and Pikes Peak. 

Delicious! It's spicy, but not overly spicy. It's got a lot of flavor to it!

My dad, who likes spicy things thought it was delicious! Especially because it was thin crust!
My mom, who doesn't like spicy things, also thought it was good. 

Can't just have one pizza tonight. With these thin crust pizzas, every can make their own. 

I'm with you Megan. I want more of that green chile sauce. 

The green sauce is good on everything. Even regular pizza!

Pizza night is always a good night. 
Don't mind that tree in the background. Megan has turned it into a tree for all seasons. 

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  1. Another inspired pizza for the locale...spicy, green chile sauce sounds and looks good...tastes even better on pizza...another yummy pizza creation! In addition to the new pizza, it's always fun to make one's own pizza to order! Great pizza night!! Looks like Patrick, Megan, & Avery had a great time at the festival...lots of good food, good weather, and fun entertainment. EOM