Saturday, March 18, 2023

Aubrey's Bridal Shower in Michigan - 2023-03-18

 It's been a super busy week as we've been in Michigan for Aubrey's Bridal Shower! The families all came together to make the food and all the decorations! I've posted a few photos here, but there's even more at Aubrey's Wedding Shower

Making the favors for each table. 

Working hard on the food. 

Got tasked with making a sign at the last minute. 

Mmm. Sherbet punch. 

An awesome balloon arch made by her cousin. 

And beautiful cupcakes made by Ty's mom Karen. 

So much chocolate covered fruit. 

Rita welcoming everyone. 

Neighbor Becky who has known her since she was little recalling fond memories. 

Allison did a fantastic job working the event. Keeping games going, food moving, and helping out all over. 

For food there was a soup and salad bar. Aubrey requested T make her Pasta e fagoli soup, and Tyler make his potato soup. Alli is on her 3rd bowl. 

A salad bar with a ton of different toppings. 

Very popular. 

The men helping serve and fill up food as it ran out. 

Play games. 

Win prizes. 

Collecting notes from each table. They asked each person to write down "traditions" their family does. 
Theresa wrote. "Christmas... with extended family." "Birthdays... with extended family." "Thanksgiving... with extended family." " Spring Break... with extended family." I think T likes hanging out with family. 

Receiving gifts, they got plenty of good ones, but this one was special to us. Back in 2017, we took an extended family vacation with all their family and my parents! Chi and Sheila found lots of good quilting fabric and for the last 4 years they've been working on this when they get together. 

Now they've made them into quilts. 


Getting family pictures since everyone is here. 

Abby is visiting from Nashville. She's got a quilt too!

It was a great time!

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  1. Congratulations to Aubrey and Jared!...what a wonderful bridal shower! All hands on deck for the preparation and favors (creativity in the works), great-looking sign, fancy balloon photo op, delicious food (look at the desserts, soups, and extensive salad bar!...yum, yum). Great help from the guys during the party to make sure the food tables were replenished in a timely fashion...that is very important!. All the hard work and planning showed with a smooth flowing bridal shower. What lovely quilts for Aubrey and Abby, especially with that personal note referring to the family Hawaii trip in 2017...just seemed like yesterday! Liked the famous "double-kiss" pose for Alli from Aubrey and Abby...another one to add to the collection :-) EOM