Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Doritos Minis Taste Test Comparison

We love Doritos! So much that we did a taste test with 11 different flavors! When I saw the Doritos Minis, I figured why not pick up a tube and give them a try!

That's right. A tube. These Doritos Minis come in a cylindrical tube, very similar to a can of Pringles. They come in two different flavors. The Original Nacho Cheese and the super popular Cool Ranch. 

The lids of both of the cans have a freshness seal that promises "Another level of flavor". 

But if you check the sides of the can, you'll see that these are "Same Bold Flavor. Now Mini Size." I think we have a contradiction. 

Opening the can, there has obviously been some settling. They aren't filled as high as they could be. Are we sure they didn't just collect all the broken chips, put them in a can and then call it a new thing? 
Theresa - Maybe it's to protect them better than a bag. Like if you want to take them to a park or an outing. 

No, it looks like these are purposefully mini sized. They have rounded edges, similar to the original Doritos chips. 

Let's give them a try and see. 

Theresa - That is a straight up Dorito. 
Sheila - They're the same. 

Jess - If you had your eyes shut and reached into the pile, there's no difference. 

Theresa - Maybe the Nacho Minis have a little more cheese. Maybe the Cool Ranch Minis have less seasoning. 
Sheila - Or it could just be random. 
Mickey - It might be in my head, but I like the mini Nacho Cheese ones better. 
Jess - They do taste like they have a little more flavor. 
Ian - I like the big ones more than the small ones. 
Alli - I like the small ones better. 
Theresa - I would just think the minis are the crumbs of the big one. 
Joe - I don't think there is enough of a difference to justify buying the Minis.

So, would you like to eat Doritos crumbs? Pick up a tube of these Doritos Minis and enjoy! Or save yourself the some money and pick up a regular bag of Doritos and crush it up for the exact same experience. This was a Doritos fail. 


  1. :-) :-) The mantra is "reuse, reuse...don't waste anything"...then the light bulb came on for the "mini" version (hidden way to get people to pay more and get less, too :-) ) At least the mini ones still tasted like Doritos. Nevertheless, the taste test was still tasty! EOM

  2. Thanks for the review, gonna pass on these, not what I expected!