Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saturday Morning Cereals - CinnaFuego Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Freckle Bread Taste Test

It's time for another version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch! We've tried so many different kinds at this point, I was happy to see that my brother found yet another! CinnaFuego Toast Crunch! Fuego means "Fire" in spanish, so these are expected to be spicy! 

And just like every single other Cinnamon Toast Crunch taste test we've done, I set out to make something to compare against the cereal. What should we have today? Since it's going to be a hot cereal, I wanted to make a hot cinnamon bread. In my research, I found something called Freckle Bread! Let's make it! 

I followed a recipe from for their Red Hots Freckle Bread. It with regular bread ingredients, water, milk, butter, flour, and yeast. 

But then adds a couple extra things like an egg, vanilla, sugar, and salt. I kneaded everything by hand, then let it rise on the counter. 

Once it had risen it was time for the next step. 

Adding in the Brach's Cinnamon Candies!

I flattened out the dough and sprinkled in a good handful of candies. 

Trying to squish them in. 

The rolling pin ultimately did the best job at pressing the candies into the dough. I rolled out a long strip, then rolled it into a loaf. 

That'll rise in a loaf pan until it doubles in size. 


That baked for 35 minutes until it was a nice golden brown. I should have done a better job at greasing and flouring the loaf pan ahead of time because the melted cinnamon candies did a really good job of sticking to the sides. 

But, once I was able to extract it from the pan, it was time to take pictures. 
This promises a sweet cinnamon heat and we can see that the cinnamoji on the front has fire coming from his head! This only comes in a smaller 5.9 oz bag, instead of the typical 10-15 oz cereal boxes. 

The back shows those Cinnamojis going crazy with heat. Steam coming from ears, fire in the eyes, and flames coming from the head. The ingredients list doesn't give anything way regarding the source of the heat. The description on their website says it comes from hot pepper, but doesn't say what. 

And on the bottom of the bag, like most every Cinnamon Toast Crunch box, the Cinnamojis are hanging out. 

So I've made the Freckle Bread with the cinnamon candies, but in order to get that Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor, I'd giving the slices a sprinkle of CinnaDust

It was important to let the loaf of bread rest for a little while after coming out of the oven. We don't need any molten candies coming into contact with our skin. 

The cinnamon candies have spread themselves out pretty well through the bread. Let's see how they taste!

Megan said it really reminded her of a bread she got while she was in France. 

At Montmartre, she got a croissant with something similar. 

Patrick - Yeah, it does look a lot like that. 

Let's butter this up and give it a taste. 
Patrick - First guesses, which will you like better? 
Everyone - The bread!

Theresa - I can't quite taste the red hots in the bread. That's not a bad thing. 
Sheila - I haven't even tasted the other, and the bread wins. 
There's just something about warm bread and butter. 
Joe - Yeah, I don't so much taste the red hots in the bread. It's still good though. 
Theresa - You just get a hint of hotness, but it doesn't overpower the bread. Thank goodness. I was thinking you were ruining that whole loaf of bread. 

How's the cereal? 
Patrick - It smells more spicy than regular Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 

Patrick - It starts okay. 
Megan - It cleared my sinuses a bit when I put it in. 
Alli - That's spicy! 
Mickey - That cereal has got a kick to it!

Patrick - The milk cuts down on it, but it's still spicy! 

Patrick - I taste the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but then the red hot flavor overpowers everything. 
Theresa - That's the worst tasting Cinnamon Toast Crunch of any we've tasted BY FAR! There's a reason why it's in a tiny bag. 
Sheila - Did they do a good job of adding the red hot? 
Patrick - It matches what they're going for... but it's not good. 
Theresa - It has a bad aftertaste. 
Ian - That cereal is horrible. 
Alli - I think I like the bread, but I hate the cereal. 

Megan - Now can we throw the cereal away? 
Joe - It's weird. 
Patrick - Thank you for making the bread. 
Joe - Because it's the best thing here? 
Patrick - Yes!

So that puts my total Cinnamon Toast Crunch taste test up to 10 unique kinds! 
10. And now finally the CinnaFuego Toast Crunch with Freckle Bread! 

The bread was even good warmed up the next day! 

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  1. Another Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor in the books! (good thing it was only a small bag size :-) )...Theresa read my mind when she said, "... thinking you were ruining that whole loaf of bread!" :-)...good thing the cinnamon candy didn't overpower the bread...nice coloring with those small swirls of red...fresh, homemade Freckle bread was a yummy hit with the family! EOM