Monday, January 9, 2023

Exploring Bryce Canyon Pt 1 - 2022/09/05

Arches National Park was a blast! But it's time to move on! Today we're traveling down to Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Love the scenery along the drive. 

Oh my! I drove down the middle just in case. 

Here's our spot for the next few days. Ruby's Inn and RV park. 

Check-in was easy. 

The best part is that it's pretty much the closest place you can stay on the way to Bryce Canyon! 

After getting the RV set up, we ran over to the Visitor's Center at 4:30pm a little before they closed. 

Making sure we pick up a Junior Ranger guidebook. 

And getting a history of the park with their film "A Song of Seasons". 

After leaving the visitor's center, we parked the truck at the RV and headed out for a walk into Bryce City.

Ride that horse cowgirl. 

Ooh la la. 

There's lots of interesting shops around here. 

Look at all those fancy rocks. 


There's so many different colors. It's difficult to resist, but we like finding them ourselves. 

Along the walls there's plenty of taxidermied animals. 

We finally saw a moose! 

Bryce gets pretty popular, but there's not a lot of parking inside. They do have a shuttle for those who want to park outside and take a bus into the park. 

Walking back home with a beautiful sunset. 

There's the RV. It's going to be a beautiful night. Tomorrow we're going to explore. 

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  1. Always a relief to be able to park the RV & truck so easily...added plus is being so close to Bryce Canyon NP, too! Sunset hour is such a beautiful time...the colors and the quietness of nature when you're away from the bustling city is relaxing. Such a cute picture of Ian & Alli in that photo-op farmer & wife cut-out...whoa, the one w/ you & Theresa was quite the cutie (looks like you knew a pretty lady was standing right next to you :-) ) Those small, colored, shiny rocks reminded me of large rock candy! Finally, a moose sighting!!...yay! EOM