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Exploring Bryce Canyon - Inspiration Point, Bryce Point, Henry Weinhard's sodas, and Junior Rangers - Pt 3 - 2022/09/06

Our morning started at Sunset Point, but there's plenty more hikes to do at Bryce Canyon. Let's go visit a few more!

Like Inspiration Point. 

Or further along the rim to Bryce Point. 

The canyon is full of these crazy spired hoodoos. 

Inside the park is a general store. 

There's lots of things you might like here... 

We heard really good things about the pizzas and it was smelling really good, though we already brought our lunch. I do like the chalk drawing someone did. 

A hoodoo sucker? 

But what caught our eye were these Henry Weinhard's sodas. Only $1.25 each for a specialty soda! Let's try them all!

Looking later, it's not a Utah based company, but I still want to try them. This is all four flavors they make. 

I like that they have the original label on the bottles, plus these secondary labels at the top, showcasing what's inside. 

Vanilla Cream:
Joe - It's not quite a cream soda.
Theresa - It doesn't taste like vanilla to me either. Almost like a sweet fruit. A weird fruit. 
Alli - It tastes like. Something. Weird. Something that I can't name. It is not good. 
Ian - This vanilla creme is not good. 
Black Cherry Cream:
Alli - It really tastes like cherry.
Joe - I get the black cherry. Not so much cream, but it's still good.
Theresa - It's a good black cherry. 
Ian - That's pretty good.  
Theresa - These bees are persistent! I'm about to go eat in the truck!

Root Beer: 
Alli - It tastes like root beer. 
Joe - It's a light root beer. Not super flavorful. 
Theresa - It has a weird strong bite that I don't like. It's a little bitter. 
Alli - Let's go to the truck!
Orange Cream:
Joe - I like the Orange Cream. 
Alli - It tastes like orange, but it's not my favorite. 
Theresa - It's okay. 

Favorites for these were Black Cherry Cream for Alli and Theresa.

And Ian and I liked the Orange Cream the best. 

What's making all that racket? 

This blue bird hanging out in the tree. 

The kids have been busy completing their Junior Ranger books today. 

And collected their Bryce Canyon Junior Ranger Badge!

Alli thinks the Prairie Dogs we've seen along the roads are adorable.

They so want to adopt a Prairie Dog. 

Maybe they can pretend to be one instead. 

Hi little Prairie Dogs. 

A look at the various rock layers that make up the area. The Grand Canyon is at the bottom on the left. Bryce Canyon, in the Pink Cliffs of the Claron Formation, is at the top right. 

It's been a fun day, but let's go see even more of the trails here!

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  1. Congratulations, Ian & Alli, on becoming Bryce Canyon Jr. Rangers!...good effort as usual! Alli & Ian make cute prairie dogs :-) photo op spot. Some much lighter-colored rock formations at Inspiration Point & Bryce Point based on the photos...contrasts with the more red-orange rocks seen earlier. Like the "oldie" look on the Henry Weinhard's bottles...only the Flowers family can create a test taste in the midst of hikes in Bryce Canyon! :-)...Alli's expression after tasting the Orange Cream told me how much she "liked" it! So much energy..still more trails to explore! EOM