Sunday, January 22, 2023

Exploring Bryce Canyon - Mossy Cave, Bryce Canyon City Park - Pt 4 - 2022/09/06

Just outside of the official Bryce Canyon National Park, the canyon continues to another location. We drove to the parking lot, parked the truck, and headed in to explore. 

There's a small stream that flows through the valley. 

Looking further up to a small waterfall. We'll head there shortly. 

First we've got to see this marker for the Mossy Cave. 

It's a large overhanging rock with moss built up underneath. 

I suppose in the winter it's a little more interesting, with all the icicles hanging from it. For now, it's an overhang with moss in it... 

Let's go over to the real interesting part here. The waterfall! 

There's a small trail beside the waterfall, and in the distance I see another trail that leads up to some interesting formations. Let's go check it out!

Feeling the water. It's got some decent speed to it. 

Spanning a part of it to help the littles cross. 

Over you go. 

Looking down on the waterfall.

Hiking up. 

Looking through this window of an arch. 

After hiking above it, Ian wanted to know if we could go down to it. For sure! 
Known as Tropic Ditch Falls, this waterway was dug by hand back in 1892 by pioneers trying to bring water to the valley below. 

It's a hot day! This will be great for cooling off!

How much can they get wet? Go crazy kids. 

Ian was happy to get completely soaked! 

Crazy kid!

After getting back to the RV and getting cleaned up, we set out to explore the town a little more. That's a big rock!

Back in 2019, this rock fell off the cliffside and landed in the road! It was brought here by truck shortly afterwards. 

And despite spending the morning walking and hiking over 8 miles, the kids still wanted to run around and play. 

Pretty nice playground actually. Glad it's later in the day and the equipment isn't super hot!

Now there's an arch you're allowed to climb on top of. 

Phew! What a day! It's been fun though!

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  1. What a FULL many different hikes in that hot weather!...guess Ian's waterfall shower was the perfect cool-off :-) The waterfall seemed out of place with the surrounding barren, dry land and rocks...such an unexpected sight. That was a nice window view out of the arch...seeing greenery amongst the rock formations was a nice contrast. Oh my!...don't think I'd want to encounter such a rock on a road I was driving upon! EOM