Saturday, January 21, 2023

Saturday Morning Cereals - Strawberry Milkshake Frosted Flakes

Today we get to try a brand new Frosted Flake flavor! I'm so glad we could do it with everyone here in Washington because this is the crew that tried 7 unique Frosted Flake flavors together back in 2019!

And for this brand new flavor, what did Frosted Flakes think we needed in our morning cereal? Strawberry Milkshake of course! 

We've got to compare this cereal to the real thing of course, like we usually do. I grabbed some frozen strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and whole milk. 

Perfect! That'll make into a rich and thick milkshake. 

The Vitamix destroys anything you put into it. 

And what better to top our milkshakes than homemade whipped cream! I froze the bowl and the beaters before whipping it up. 

Does the cereal compare? It's got a pink coloring to it. But will it taste like a milkshake?

Trying to give the milkshake a lick during the photo. 

The taste test might be for the cereal, but all eyes were on the milkshake. 

Everyone got mini cups of milkshake, with some wanting whipped cream. 

Thanks Isaac!

Emma is ready to taste the milkshake. It's thick and rich with a good strawberry flavor!

The milkshakes were a big hit. 
Patrick - That tastes like a strawberry milkshake!
Alli - I like the whipped cream. 
Jess - Did you get the cereal just as an excuse to make milkshakes? 
Joe - Maybe. 
Avery - This is delicious!
Joe - I think it could be a little sweeter.
Isaac - I agree, but this is really good. 
Ian - I give that milkshake a kabillion thumbs up. That was delicious!

This beard is starting to get in the way of my food. 

How about that cereal? It claims to turn regular milk into strawberry milk. 

After about a minute, this is what the milk looks like.  

Ian - It tastes like an artificial strawberry. 
Alli - It tastes bad. That's what it tastes like. 
Joe - It's not a great strawberry taste. 
Avery - Double thumbs down. 
Megan - The aftertaste. Not good either. 
Patrick - It contains no actual strawberries. 
Megan - I do like the smell of that though. It's disgustingly sweet. 

Emma's big question was who gets to eat the milkshake I made for the photo. You know what Emma, it's all yours! She was happy and finished it all! 

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  1. Emma's "feasting" eyes on that extra delicious strawberry milkshake shows her anticipation :-)...she asked the right question and was rewarded w/ the full shake!! Ian's kabillion thumbs up perfectly captures how the milkshake tasted to everyone...nice presentation of the milkshake for the main photo (strawberry garnish added that "final look"). Looks like Jess might have been onto something w/ her remark, "...getting the cereal just as an excuse to make milkshakes" :-) :-) Too bad the cereal was a disappointment, but the yummy milkshake made up for that! EOM