Monday, January 30, 2023

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Gummies Taste Test Comparison

Today we've got a special taste test that I've been looking for for a little while! Yes, it's Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from the blue box! But not only that, it's Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Gummies!

I saw these existed and knew I'd have to find them. After what seems like months, I finally got close to a Five Below store where I heard they were sold and I picked up a box! 

First things first. If this is going to be a taste test comparison, I need to make some blue box Kraft mac and cheese. Boil the water and toss in the pasta. 

Drain the pasta, then add butter and milk to the hot noodles. 

Lastly comes the dry cheese powder. Now I will admit, blue box mac and cheese isn't my favorite. I like the more expensive boxed mac and cheese that comes with the liquid cheese in a pouch, like Velveeta Shells or even the Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese from Kraft. The powdered stuff doesn't do it for me. 

The whole time I was making it, Emma was hovering in the kitchen, wanting to know what I was going to do with the pouches of powdered cheese when I was done. Umm, trash can. 
Emma - Can I have them? 
Sure... Ah. Someone really likes that powdered cheese flavor. 

Let's check out the boxes. I like how the gummies are in the same style blue box with macaroni scattered around it. Frankford Candies, who makes these gummies under license, also makes gummies of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Oscar Mayer Bacon, and Gummy Lunchables. The original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese promises No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Preservatives, and No Artificial Dyes.  

While looking at the back of the boxes, we see that the gummies contain Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, and the synthetically produced Potassium Sorbate so Artificial Preservatives as well. 

Coming out of the package, we see these giant gummies in a macaroni shape. 

It's a lot bigger than the original macaroni and they didn't quite get the color matched either. 

Theresa loves blue box mac and said she could eat the entire bowl. 
Megan - Who doesn't like mac and cheese? 

I usually feed the kids the liquid style mac and cheese. They like it okay...
This stuff though...
Theresa - Joe, Ian just said it's his favorite mac and cheese. 
Joe - Better than the liquid one? 
Theresa - Alli said this is her favorite too. 

Megan - So good! This is not how I make it. 
Joe - This is better? I used the good stuff. Whole milk and lots of butter. 
Avery - Yum! 
Theresa - I think all of us agreed that this is our favorite mac and cheese.
Joe - You guys are wrong. 

Megan - I'm going to need more macaroni after the taste test. 
Theresa - Everyone is devouring it. I see forkful after forkful being eaten. 

Theresa - The Florida Flowers give the macaroni a thumbs up. 
Ian - Ten thumbs up!

Patrick - The Colorado Flowers like it too. 

Megan - The Colorado Flowers do not like the smell of the gummies. 
Patrick - I don't smell the cheese. 

Patrick - So do we need to warm up the gummies? 
Ian - They actually don't taste cheesy. They taste like a fruity candy. 

Ian - Like oranges. 
Theresa - That's disappointing. 
Jess - What does it say it's supposed to taste like? 
Joe - It doesn't. 
Ian - Strawberry orange is what I'm getting. 
Patrick - I'm still chewing it. 

Isaac - I'm quite fond of them. 
Theresa - I can't place that flavor. Just sweet. 
Jess - It's a non-descript fruity. 
Jon - Pineapply? 
Megan - They have a terrible texture, but they're not bad. 
Theresa - They're hard to chew. 
Jon - No hint of mac and cheese in these.
Theresa - That's probably not bad. 
Avery gives it a thumbs down though. 

We need to fix these gummies and really give them a cheese flavor. 
Ian - That's a horrible idea! That will make them worse!
Joe - You don't know that. 

A little cheese powder. 

Finally! A cheesy gummy! Isaac, Patrick, and I all tried it. That makes it so much better! They need to sell these instead of fruit flavored! 
Isaac - I actually like the gummies with the powder.  

The original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese wins out over these generic fruity gummy candies that are loosely shaped like a macaroni noodle. Since this is likely a one-off purchase for most everyone, I would have liked it a lot better if they actually went for a cheesy gummy instead of the fruit flavor.  

Now, where'd the rest of that mac and cheese go? 

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  1. Oh my...the Original Mac & Cheese was such a BIG Hit!!...must have added some pixie dust along w/ the usual ingredients :-) Kind of hard to imagine how the cheese powder added onto the gummies made it taste better (I'm with Ian on that) surprised that it actually tasted good to the three of you...guess you never know until you try it. Emma isn't too shy asking about things (good for her!)...yes, she definitely likes that cheese powder flavor (and strawberry milkshakes :-) ) EOM