Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Holiday Treats - Harry and David's Premium Popcorn Sampler

Time for a few more Holiday Treats! Or should we saw "treats?" 
Harry & David make some of my most favorite Chocolate Covered Fruit. Their Chocolate Covered Cherries and Blueberries are among my favorites chocolates. So when Theresa found this sampler pack of Harry & David's Premium Popcorn at Sam's Club, we were in

There's 4 different flavors in this holiday sampler pack for us to try today. Milk Chocolate, Classic Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. 

Megan, ready to help out. 

I was a little disappointed to see that the bags inside the special holiday package were just generic foil bags. Not really suitable for setting out and sharing directly. 

Megan got them all lined up and presentable for a photo. 


Let's start things off with the Milk Chocolate Popcorn. Here we have chocolate coated popcorn along with what looks like caramel popcorn pieces. 

Alli - Yuck. 
Ian - Yeah, not good. 
Joe - What's wrong with it? 
Megan - It tastes dusty. 

Theresa - Everyone is saying hmm. Oh! It tastes stale! 
Joe - I don't love the chocolate. The popcorn is not stale. 
Theresa - But the flavor is stale. That is not good. 

Theresa - That's gross. 
Patrick - Good start Harry & David. 

Joe - Well, let's hope they improve with the Caramel Popcorn. 

Well that didn't go very well. Let's hope it can improve as we go along. 
Next we'll try the Classic Caramel. Along with the caramel popcorn pieces there's almonds and cashews!

Ian - That's not too bad. It tastes like caramel popcorn. 
Theresa - No. It still tastes stale. 
Sheila - It's slightly better. 
Joe - I got a cashew! I like having nuts in it. 
Sheila - The nuts are stale. 
Theresa - This needs to be returned. Where is the expiration date? 
Despite looking all over the package, we could not find a date for when it should be consumed by. 

Okay, so not the Classic Caramel Popcorn either. 
Let's give the Dark Chocolate Popcorn a try. 
Megan - I still have the nut taste in my mouth. It's not good. 
Ian - This one has nuts too! 
Joe - Maybe that's why it's premium popcorn. Cause they all have Almonds and Cashews in them. 

Megan - The dark chocolate is better than the milk chocolate. 
Sheila - It's only a little better. 
Ian - The dark chocolate is the best so far. 
Theresa - Now I'm really wishing I bought the Popcorn Factory sampler instead of the Harry & David. 

For our final popcorn we are going to try the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark. 
Alli - I love peppermint. 
Theresa - It's better. 
Megan - The peppermint disguises the dusty flavor. 
Theresa - All of it had an old flavor. Maybe this was from last year's popcorn. 2021... 
Sheila - It tastes like it wasn't 2022. 

Joe - Did anyone like it, in general? 
All around the room - No. 
Theresa - Would anybody be upset if we threw them all away? 
All - No. 
Ian - I wouldn't be mad. 
Out of all the four flavors, which was the most okay? 
All voted for Peppermint, except Gram who thought Dark Chocolate. 

You know, we've tried a lot of different things during these taste tests. Some good. Some not so good. This is the very first time we've put something back in the package with the intent to return it to the store to get our money back. Harry & David, we were very disappointed.

Theresa - Guess what popcorn I'm never buying again! 

Megan brought out a few snacks that she'd been saving from her favorite coffee shop, Wayfinder, to make up for it. A chocolate croissant, a cheesecake brownie, a brown butter rice krispy treat, and truffle popcorn. All of these were so much better! 

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  1. Wow...what a HUGE letdown by Harry & David on the "Premium" Popcorn!!! When I read the flavors I was thinking...yummy taste test coming up. Guess the only thing "good" was the festive outside box...even the inside packaging was disappointing (perhaps that was a harbinger of things to come!) Thankfully, Megan had some other treats to help save everyone's palate :-) Oh well...better luck on the next taste test :-) EOM