Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Years 2023!

We're in Colorado and my brother Patrick and his wife Megan invited us over to celebrate the New Year!

Theresa asked what the kids wanted to do special for the day. Dipped strawberries was number one. 

Along with chicken nuggets for dinner. 

It was tasty. 

Those chocolate dipped strawberries look great!

Good job strawberry team!

The adults played board games and puzzles upstairs. That's Seaside Oregon! We met up there earlier this year!

While the kids had a glow party in the basement. 

At 9pm, fireworks went off on top of Pikes Peak. 

The kids also wanted fruit skewers. Forgot the skewers, so we used fondue forks instead. 

Tasty! Especially drizzled in chocolate. 

Alli wanted to buy so many party favors for the day. 

At 10pm (midnight New York time), we poured sparkling cider.

And all gathered around to bring in the new year!

Happy New Year!

After the littlest went to bed, we continued our games, then just before midnight gathered again. 

Watching fireworks go off around the neighborhood and on Pikes Peak again!

Welcome 2023! A year full of new adventures!

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  1. Happy New Year!! 2023 already! Such colorful and wildly-lit eyewear and other light-ups livened up the festivities; also, can't forget the little party blow-horn trio to lead us all into the New Year (lots of enthusiastic energy there!) Fireworks over Pike's Peak...what a sight (looked like a yellow-red fire-ball eruption from a distance if one didn't know better). Those chocolate-dipped strawberries and fruit skewers w/ chocolate drizzle looked like scrumptious treats...yum, yum. So appropriate to have a puzzle of Seaside Oregon...brings back some fond memories of this past summer. What pretty colors on the ceramic dinner plates...looked like some painted floral and other plants...nice! EOM