Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year from Florida!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year from Florida! 

Jacob made a trip to Trader Joe’s the day before and surprised us with our favorite cookies! (But they changed the recipe in the last couple weeks. No more coconut)

What dinner tonight? Homemade pizza! Thin crust!

My pizza has turned into a "whatever looks good from the fridge" style. Theresa had just cut up some delicious pineapple. Throw it on the pizza. Ham lunchmeat that needs to be eaten? Dice it up and throw it on the pizza! 
Jacob also brought some tasty FlatIron pepper flakes from the 4 pepper blend. It's very tasty, but a lot spicier than the normal red pepper flakes I use from Walmart. 

Add on the hot honey Jacob also brought and this is a really spicy pizza! Good though! 

After dinner we all went to Jacob’s place to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! And eat more snacks!

Then back to our place to watch the Denver Broncos play. It was a fun year to watch, but it was too bad they didn't make the playoffs. 

Playing Skip-Bo as the minutes count down to midnight.

And enjoying more food Jacob brought. Spinach artichoke dip!

As the seconds counted down, we all gathered on the couch to watch Dick Clark's Rockin New Year and see the ball drop. 

Toasting the new year! Uncle Jacob brought non alcoholic Ginger Brew for everyone! We toasted at midnight, the kids took a sip, and promptly spat it out into the sink!

And that whole bin of cookies… well… they won’t tempt us in 2024 will they.

The next morning, January 1st, Theresa and I are back in the same place we've been since coming back after Thanksgiving. The gym! Thankfully it's not super crowded yet! Everyone must still be signing up for new memberships instead of actually using the equipment. I'm sure it's bound to get busy in the coming weeks. 

Getting back home, we turned on the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl. Uncle Donald, Austin, and Carson are all there to see it live! We didn't see them on TV, but Tennessee won 35-0 so they left happy!

Dinner was a very tasty Cuban chicken with onions, along with seasoned black beans, rice, and a whole lot of green beans as "filler". 

Except the kids who devoured our celebratory fondue! Here's to a fantastic 2024! 
Let's see what adventures this new year will bring!

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  1. Happy New Year!!! What else but pizza on Sunday, New Year's Eve :-) the idea of a "Whatever looks good from the fridge" pizza since it helps clear out the fridge :-) Keeping busy on the Eve to be awake and ready to toast in the new year...especially fun to share it with a dear friend, Jacob, this year. Yep, the gym will be very popular in January! Filling (plus the "filler" :-) ) New Year's dinner...cheese fondue is a popular celebratory dish...good way to help start off the year. May the new year bring lots more adventure and more special memories for the family. EOM