Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Chili Cheese Pringles taste test comparison

New Pringles? Absolutely! Today we're going to try a Chili Cheese Fries Pringles! 

And of course we've got to make our own to try along with it! I tried to match the picture on the Pringles canister as best I could. Straight cut fries, chunky chili, nacho cheese and even the chopped onions! 

Oh yes. That's something I could eat. Will the Pringles have any chance to stand up to this level of deliciousness? 

Ian - I like it! 
Alli - I hate it!
Theresa - That tastes nothing like chili cheese fries. 
Sheila - I think they're good but they don't taste like them. 
Alli - They taste like spicy Pringles. 
Megan - It tastes like blah barbeque. 
Joe - I get a little cheesy. 

And the real thing? 
Theresa - That's a chili cheese fry. The chip is not. 
Alli - I love them. 
Sheila - Those are yummy. But they don't taste like the Pringles. 
Mickey - Pringles really missed it. 
Theresa - Yeah, Pringles missed that flavor. 
Joe - That's a failed BBQ. 
Theresa - A failed cheese BBQ. 

So, we don't hate the flavor. But we're all having a hard time saying that they actually taste like Chili Cheese Fries. 

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  1. After seeing the plate of REAL chili cheese fries w/ onions, any hopes of besting it with Chili Cheese Fries Pringles was a foregone conclusion! The "okay" Pringles was no match for the real, delicious fries that looked so yummy! At least the Pringles wasn't a complete thumbs down as a chip :-) EOM