Thursday, January 4, 2024

Skittles Littles taste test comparison

It's Skittles! But Littles! 

Come here littles! It's time to taste some Skittles! 

These Skittles Littles are brand new! Theresa saw them while shopping at Target and knew we'd have to give them a shot! We've tried so many other versions of Skittles over the years, including the time we tried 13 different bags of Skittles consisting of 56 different flavors! We also had Skittles Yogurt, Skittles Drink Mix, Skittles Freezer Ice Pops, Freeze Dried Skittles, Skittles Candy Canes, and Skittles Cotton Candy, 

Can you tell which Skittles are the littles? 

Maybe lining them up like this will make it easier to determine. The Skittles Littles are smaller, but not quite the M&M's minis level of small. 

Theresa suggested that the Skittles Littles could have just been a mistake at the factory where they made a bunch of smaller ones. I can certainly see that. 

I wonder how much smaller these Skittles Littles are. 

My scale measures in grams, but not tenths of grams. Easy way to account for that is to weigh a bunch of them at once! 
25 Original Skittles weighs around 27 grams, meaning they are about 1.08g each.  

And if we weigh 25 Skittles Littles we see that they are 13 grams, or 0.52g each. Just about half then. 

The flavors of the Littles are your now standard Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Grape. 

Same as the Original Skittles. No Green Apple here, much to Ian's lament.  

Jacob - My least favorite is purple. 
Joe - What? That's one of my favorites! Do you hate all grape candy? 
Jacob - No! I like lots of grape. Dum-dum suckers grape is my favorite. But I don't like Skittles Grape.

Joe - Do the Littles taste like Skittles? 
Theresa - That is the same flavor. 
Alli - Just the texture is different. 
Theresa - I think cause they have more shell. 

Ian - I can't tell a different. 
Theresa - They all just taste like yummy Skittles. But I'm going to continue for the taste test.
Alli - Maybe the red one has more flavor.  
Joe - Can we form an opinion on if one is "better" than the other? 

Jacob - If you try two Skittles Littles together, is it the same experience as the bigger one? 
Theresa - Let me check that for you Jacob. The bigger ones are more chewy. 

Cutting a few in half, they both appear identical. I would guess the candy shell is about the same thickness too, but it's hard to tell. 

Jacob took the shell off two of them. The color difference is just from the flavor of the Skittles shell. 

Okay, favorite flavors in order. Go. 
Jacob - Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape. 
Joe - Grape, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Orange. 
Theresa - That is a really good orange flavor. So glad they went back to Lime. 
Alli - Strawberry, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange. 
Ian - My favorite used to be Green Apple. Now it's Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Grape, then Lime. 
Joe - So green went from the top to the very bottom. Theresa did you say yours? 
Theresa - No. 
Joe - Better eat another one then. 
Theresa - I like Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon, and Lime. But those last three could be in almost any order. 
Joe - Do you hate any? 
Theresa - Oh, no no. I love all of them. 

Is there a preference? 
Theresa likes the Original Skittles because they are chewier. The Littles have more "crunch", not enough chewiness. 
Alli thought the red, orange, and green Littles had stronger flavors, but she liked both.  

Theresa - I'm going to taste the baby rainbow. The rainbow is really good. 

Theresa - If I were to just buy a bag, equal ounces, I'd probably buy the Original Skittles. Or wait, if I'm counting calories and wanting to feel like I'm eating lots of pieces, I'd buy the Skittles Littles. 

One of the things we discussed was why they didn't sell these in the tubes, like M&M's minis. Turns out we weren't looking hard enough! On my next trip to Walmart, these were by the registers at the front of the store! 

And this Skittles commercial has lived in my head rent free since the 90s. Maybe now it will live in your head too. 

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  1. First time seeing that commercial! I think Theresa enjoyed the Skittles Littles test..."Let me check that for you Jacob"..."Oh, no no. I love all of them" :-) :-) This was a taste test with no real thumbs down between the original and the offspring. Sorry, Ian,...maybe the green apple will appear when you least expect it! EOM