Saturday, January 20, 2024

Saturday Morning Cereals - ICEE Cereal taste test comparison

It's Saturday which means it's time for another Saturday Morning Cereal taste test! Today we've got an interesting one. 

ICEE cereal! And who better to taste it with than the queen of frozen drinks, Aubrey! Seriously, she loves them. Middle of winter in Michigan, we'll still hear "I'm taking the kids to get an ICEE!" When we're together in Florida, shaved ice is a daily treat. When we visited Hawaii together, Aubrey had shaved ice at least once and sometimes twice a day. 

And like we do here, you can't taste the ICEE cereal without also tasting an ICEE beside it. A little melted from the car ride, but it could be worse. 

I'm curious about that "Feel The Freeze!" statement. Cools your mouth while you eat? 

And I'm happy to see that both flavors are represented here! Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Both classic ICEE flavors, just like when we did the ICEE Sandwich Cookie taste test

The cereal itself appears to be coated with something white. 

On the side of the box, the ICEE bear is enjoying a tasty Cherry ICEE. I wonder if it's the Calcium Carbonate that will give the cooling feeling. I know it will fizz and bubble a little when it comes in contact with an acid, and saliva is slightly acidic. 
The outside of the box shows that even though the cereal is Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavored, you'll still get some purple pieces mixed in. Good for them for not just showing perfect pieces. 

How does it smell? 
Aubrey - Wow! That smells exactly like an ICEE. It's sugary. 
Jared - Wow!
Joe - It's got that cherry smell to it. 
Theresa - <scrunches up her face> 
Joe - I don't know why you're doing that. It smells just like it. 

First we're trying the cereal. Cherry first. 
Joe - It starts off Cherry. Then it finishes with a corn cereal flavor. 
Aubrey - Yeah! After that... That's weird though. 
Theresa - It does a weird mint thing to my mouth. 
Aubrey - But it doesn't taste minty. But it's the feeling your mouth gets when it tastes something minty, if that makes sense. 
Theresa - Like a menthol or something. Like medicine. 
Aubrey - That's weird! 
Theresa - I wonder if you ate it with milk if it would amplify it. 
Joe - They did a really good job getting the cherry flavor right though. 
Ethan - I think it's pretty good. 

So let's try it with milk. 
Aubrey - That is crazy. 
Theresa - I do not like what it does at the end. 
Jared - I think it tastes good. 
Theresa - It tastes like they gave you this as a medicine. On the back end, you get a medicine flavor. 

And what about the Blue Raspberry? 
Joe - I'm not really getting a blue raspberry flavor. 
Aubrey - The cherry they did really good, but I don't taste blue raspberry. 
Alli - If you taste both of them together it's really good. 
Ethan - I think both pieces taste similar. 
Ian - Time for purple. 
Joe - Eating it dry you get more of the flavor of the cereal. 
Aubrey - Yeah, with milk it washes off that cooling effect. You don't get it as much. 
Ian - I'm surprised. 
Theresa - Both flavors taste pretty much like cherry to me when they start. They they go into like a cornmeal flavor and you think the flavor is done. Then no! It turns into a weird mouth feel! Then it turns into that cherry flavor numb juice you get when you go to the dentist and they're about to give you a shot for a cavity! Then it's a cool feeling. Then a numb flavor. That is not good eats. 
Rita - I don't like the numb feeling. I don't like it at all. And to eat more than one piece would be terrible! 
Theresa - It's like going to the dentist over and over again. 
Tyler - I thought they were pretty good. I'm going to have a few more. 

And now it starts to get a little weird. 
Ian - Can I have some ICEE? 
Who needs milk when you can use actual ICEE? 

Ian - It amplifies the freeze so much when you eat it with the ICEE!
Joe - ICEE with ICEE cereal. How is it? 
Ian - It's a lot better!
Joe - A lot better?!? Having your cereal in sugar water is a lot better? 
Ian - Of course it is. 
Joe - <tastes it> He's not wrong... Wow. That's pretty good. 

Alli - I'd totally take this for breakfast. 
Aubrey - I'd take an actual ICEE for breakfast. 
Joe - I think the cereal is okay. I like other fruity cereals better. Like Fruity Pebbles. No complaints. I think it does what it says it does. It smells like ICEE. It tastes like ICEE. The "Feel the Freeze" is kinda weird, but it does it. I won't complain about it. 

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  1. "Cereal in sugar water is a lot better?...YES!"..that's quite an unexpected outcome!! :-) Sounds like a mix of reactions to the ICEE cereal...ranging from "like going to the dentist over and over again" to "I think it tastes good". The original ICEE drink wins this one for me :-) EOM