Friday, January 26, 2024

Skittles Cotton Candy taste test comparison

During our travels, at a random grocery store, I happened upon a bag of Skittles Cotton Candy! We do like Skittles! In fact, with this Colorado crew, we tried 13 unique bags of Skittles consisting of 56 different flavors! I knew we'd have to do this taste test with them! 

The Skittles Cotton Candy is all one color. Looks like we're not going to Taste The Rainbow apparently with this cotton candy. I'm curious what flavor it will be. To go along with it, we have an entire bag of Skittles which fortunately includes the Lime green instead of the Green Apple abomination. 

I like the bright colorful bag of the Skittles Cotton Candy. It matches the original really well. 

Enjoy your favorite SKITTLES Original flavors, hand spun into cotton candy!
I guess we'll have to see how much we enjoy that. 

This cotton candy is made by CandyASAP who has made the Starburst Cotton Candy (which we didn't really like), and the Dr Pepper Cotton Candy (which we did like). 

I opened it up and we took a whiff of the cotton candy. 
Megan - It smells like super fake strawberry. 
Patrick - Like Nesquik. 
Joe - The red Skittles are strawberry, right? They don't have cherry Skittles in the regular pack. 

First, I suppose we'll try the Skittles. Which one should we try first? 
Alli - I think Skittles, because all the kids but me have already be eating them!
Theresa - I love Skittles. 
Patrick - What's the best Skittle everyone? 
Joe - Purple!
Patrick - Orange!
Theresa - Red! And Purple. 
Ian - It was Green Apple. Now it's Strawberry. 

Alli - Strawberry and Grape. 
Avery - All the ones that I got. 
Megan - Purple and Green together. 
Mickey - Grape. 
Joe - Gram, what's your favorite?
Sheila - I don't know. I don't eat Skittles. 
Joe - Better try them all then. 
Sheila - My favorite is orange. 

Avery - Mommy, when she was little would climb up on the counter and drink the grape medicine! 

Grabbing a fresh basil leaf. 
Megan - Have you tried it like this? 

Patrick - That's good!
Megan - It's good, right!

I tried it too. It's a little different. 

Okay, Skittles are good. Now we'll move on to the Skittles Cotton Candy. 
Joe - That is a big "loaf" of cotton candy. 
Avery - Like a pink loaf of bread!

Grab a hunk and see what you think! 

Theresa - Can you make cotton candy out of Skittles? Melt them and spin them? 

Patrick - It tastes like a giant grouping of flavors. 
Joe - Like fruit punchy? 
Megan - It tastes like strawberry. Yuck. 

Sheila - Oh...
Megan - It doesn't taste like Skittles to me. It's kind of bitter. 
Patrick - It started off okay...

Alli - It tastes like strawberry fruit punchy bad...
Ian - Disgusting.
Alli - I don't really like it. 
Ian - It's bitter berry flavor. 

Joe - I don't like that flavor. 
Megan - It gets worse and worse. 

Mickey - It does have an aftertaste. 
Megan - Like a sugar-free aftertaste. 
Mickey - That's weird. It starts off sweet, then has a bite to it. 
Sheila - It's a processed flavor. 

Alli - I'll just stick to the regular Skittles for now. 

Avery (who loves all things sugar and gives 10 million thumbs up to anything sweet), how do you like it?
Avery - Half and half. 
Joe - That is...
Patrick - Bad. 
Mickey - It's weird. 
Joe - I don't know what's going on with that cotton candy. It is a strong flavor, but it is a bad flavor. 

Joe - Alright, this was not great.  

The kids wanted to add it to water. Of course it dissolved and turned the water red. It wasn't any better. 

I would not recommend giving Skittles Cotton Candy a try. 

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  1. Yikes!...that Skittles Cotton Candy did not make an enjoyable taste test...started out with lovely packaging but ended "bitterly"! The expressions and comments described it perfectly. But of course, the Skittles candy saved the day...very unusual idea to combine a basil leaf with a Skittle...wonder where that combination originated from. Easy to find Avery's favorite Skittles..."All the ones that I got!" :-) EOM