Thursday, July 27, 2023

Starburst Cotton Candy FaveREDs - Cherry and Strawberry - taste test comparison

While visiting Michigan, Aubrey and Jared took the family out to a store that specialized in importing unique snacks and drinks from other countries. They knew I'd love it. I'll have pictures of all that in a post in the future, but for now, let's look at some of the treats that I got from there! 

Starburst Cotton Candy! We love just about everything coming from Starburst, and this is something new! The last thing we had were those Starburst Airs and Starburst Gummies, so hopefully this can provide some sort of redemption. And they have included my favorite flavor! Strawberry Starburst! 

This is Starburst Cotton Candy FaveREDs so they've included Cherry and Strawberry. To go along with it, I bought a Sharing Size bag of Starburst FaveREDs from the local grocery store. 

Two of your favorite Starburst flavors as hand spun cotton candy. 

I opened the brand new bag of Starburst FaveREDs, looking forward to lots of my favorite Strawberry flavor, and I found... Nada. Nothing. Not a single Strawberry Starburst in the entire Sharing Size bag. That is a disappointment to say the least. 

Alright then. Well how about those fluffy red and pink cones of cotton candy we see on the front of the Starburst bag? Eh, it's looking not so fluffy. And I'm having a difficult time telling the two different colors apart. The cherry isn't the bright red from the bag, nor is the strawberry the pale pink. 

I think this is the cherry flavor. 

And then maybe this is the strawberry flavor. Rita happened to have a small stash of candies in her pantry, and after going through a couple small packs, I was able to find a strawberry. Not enough to share around the room though. Everyone will just have to remember what the strawberry Starburst tastes like when they compare it. 

I know Ethan is going to want in on this one. He likes cotton candy. 
Richard - Oh yes! He would even eat cotton candy ice cream!
Joe - What does the cotton candy taste like Ian? 
Ian - Watermelon.
Joe - Really? Cherry and Strawberry are the choices. 

Joe - Is it cherry and strawberry mixed together? 
Amy - It almost does taste like watermelon. 
Joe - Huh. I can see what you mean too. 
Jared - We need to trade this out for some insulation downstairs. 
Aubrey - Are there really two flavors? They look the same. 

Digging into it, maybe there's Cherry in the middle. 
Ethan - If it comes from the middle, that's Cherry.
Amy - Oh! There's the cherry! That tastes like cherry!
Ethan - The cherry cotton candy tastes a lot like the cherry Starburst.
Joe - I agree. 

Joe - I don't think they did a very good job getting the right strawberry flavor. 
Amy - No. Strawberry is gross. 
Rita - I don't like cotton candy. 

Joe - Jared, how do you like the Starbursts? What's your favorite flavor? 
Jared - Pink. 
Ethan - My favorite is red. Cherry. 
Aubrey - Same. 
Amy - Pink Starbursts are my favorite. 
Rita - I like the pink a lot. 

Ethan - I don't think Strawberry Starbursts actually taste like strawberries. 
Joe - No, they taste like Strawberry Starbursts. 
Amy - It tastes good whatever it tastes like. 

Joe - I like the Cherry flavored cotton candy better than I like the Strawberry flavored cotton candy. 
Amy - Me too. 
Ian - It tasted like watermelon. 
Joe - It's got some... I know it's all artificial flavors, but the cherry artificial flavor tastes better than the strawberry artificial flavor. 
Ian - My favorite is the regular pink starburst. 

Ethan - What it really tastes like is Wild Berry Skittles!
He's right. That's pretty similar. 

Well, if you happen to find this Starburst Cotton Candy and like Cherry Starburst or Wild Berry Skittles, go ahead and give this a try!

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  1. What???...not a single strawberry starburst in a FaveREDS bag?...deceptive advertising! Sounds like the Cherry portion of the cotton candy was the better tasting flavor of the two. Suggesting cotton candy as insulation seems to be a popular use of cotton candy...assuming one likes the accompanying critters that will magically appear with it :-) Yes, strawberry over cherry starburst :-) EOM