Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Moon Pie Cotton Candy taste test comparison

Moon Pie Cotton Candy? I'm always up for trying something new! 

Growing up in the south, Amy and Richard were both big fans of the original Moon Pie. Will a Moon Pie Cotton Candy be able to take its place? Let's find out!

It's like they knew people would want to do the comparison. On top of each container of cotton candy, they included two small Moon Pies! Thanks for doing my job for me! 

This cotton candy is made by Fun Sweets, the same company that made our holiday sampler of cotton candy. I remember hating their Hot Cocoa cotton candy, so I hope things have improved. 

The original marshmallow sandwich, the Moon Pie.

And I hope the flavor tastes like it, because the color couldn't be more different. It's a very light tan compared to the dark brown chocolate of the Moon Pie. 

Amy remembers Moon Pies that were banana flavored as being her favorite. 
Richard - Oh yes!
Ian - Banana Moon Pie cotton candy!
Joe - Eww, I hope now. 

Amy is cutting it up to give everyone a sample. 
I see Ian is sneaking a sample of the cotton candy though. 

How's the cotton candy Ian? 
Ian - It's good! It's really good. 
Amy - I just tried the cotton candy. It's actually lovely. It doesn't taste like a Moon Pie, but it tastes like a good chocolate. 

Maybe if you mixed all those colors together you'd get a light tan. 

How are the Moon Pies? 
Amy - It doesn't taste very fresh. It tastes kinda stale. 
They don't expire for another 9 months, so I don't know why that would be. 
Ian - They taste very stale. 
Richard - Yeah, maybe a little bit. 

Theresa - I don't like Moon Pies. 
Joe - I don't know why you keep doing these taste tests with us. 
Ian - Last time I had a Moon Pie it was much better than this, so I think we got a stale one. 

Alli - This is bad. 
Amy - The cotton candy is really good though. I like that. 
Joe - The cotton candy is better than the hot chocolate. Does it have like a marshmallowy flavor? It's not just straight Tootsie Roll flavor. 
Amy - It's a lot sweeter than a Moon Pie. The Moon Pie has that graham cracker. 
Ethan - I like the cotton candy better. It tastes a little like Root Beer to me. And I don't usually like cotton candy anymore. I liked it too much as a kid. Maybe it tastes a little like the Vanilla Snow Holiday Cotton candy from before. 

Ian - My favorite is the cotton candy! 
Amy - I would eat that whole thing! 
So, it doesn't taste like a Moon Pie, but it's still a tasty flavor of cotton candy! Give it a try!

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  1. The Moon Pie Cotton Candy sounds tasty...too bad the actual moon pies tasted stale, unlike how Amy & Richard remembered them. I recall eating something similar to a moon pie growing up...I liked that graham cracker and marshmallow inside with the chocolate outside (just can't remember what they were called then...maybe it was called a moon pie or just a knock-off). EOM