Monday, July 17, 2023

Minecraft Suspicious Stew Pringles taste test comparison

Minecraft? Pringles? Two things that the kids just happen to love! 

A longtime reader of the blog sent me a link to these Suspicious Stew Minecraft Pringles, letting me know about them and suggesting we make a stew to try along with them. That definitely sounds like our kind of taste test! Thank you for sending it to us!
But, despite all my efforts, I could not find these Minecraft Pringles in stores anywhere! Luckily, my brother Patrick keeps an eye out for these sorts of things too, and grabbed a canister for us. Thank you!
So, we've got to make a stew now. I know just who to ask to help. 

Kids! We're making suspicious stew! 
They schooled me in all the ways to make stew in Minecraft. Apparently depending on what ingredients you add you can gain special abilities! Like night vision, instant healing, regeneration, and swiftness. But, there's also a chance that if you add different ingredients you will create poison, instant damage, blindness, or slowness. It's a good way to prank your friends, but that's why you should never accept stew from strangers in Minecraft. 
We're making this stew ourselves, so I put the kids to work! Ian was getting practice peeling potatoes and got pretty good at it. 

I worked with Alli on her knife handling skills, making sure she kept those fingertips out of the way of the sharp knife blade. 

They all seemed to disappear though when it was time to cut the onions. I guess I'll have to do that part ourselves. 

Once the potatoes cooked and the onions softened, I added a few bags of frozen vegetables to the mix. 

That's all boiling for a few minutes. 

And not knowing what our suspicious stew is going to taste like, I added cubes of curry! The whole house was smelling delicious! This is going to be good!

Our Minecraft Suspicious Stew Pringles along with our hopefully not too suspicious stew. 

The Pringles can could totally be mistaken for a Sour Cream & Onion can of Pringles, but the Pringles themselves have an orange color to them. 

What are those circles? 
Ian - Those are particle effects. They show up whenever something has an effect on you. 

Alli - The question marks are because it can be any of the effects. It depends on which flower you use when making the stew. 

Time to eat them!
Joe - How suspicious are they? What flavors? 
Ian - BBQ. With a little hint of spicy to it. 
Alli - Yep! Regular Pringle with Barbeque and spicy. 
Avery - That's what I taste.  

Patrick - Smells like BBQ. Suspiciously BBQ. 
Sheila - Do they all taste different? 
Theresa - No. All the same. 
Joe - I get the BBQ hint. It's lightly spicy. Not very, but lightly.

Patrick - What is it? Paprika? 
Theresa - No, there's something spicier than that. 
Checking the label, there are "spices" but also Paprika. There's also onion powder and garlic, along with tomato powder. Sounds BBQ'y to me. 
Patrick - Definitely not the worst Pringles. I would eat them. 
Alli - I think it's a little bit on the good side. 
Ian - That heat is delicious!
Avery - Half bad, half good. Spicy and a little bit of garlicy. 
Alli - It's 60% good and the other 40% I don't love them. 
Mickey - It's a little understated on the flavor. It could be a stronger flavor. 
Sheila - They're a little bland. You're expecting more taste, but it doesn't follow through. 
Theresa - A little bit of a BBQ and bacon flavor. BBQ is not my favorite though, so I wouldn't choose it. 
Joe - I don't have any super powers yet though Ian. 

My suspicious stew is on top of a bed of very suspicious spinach leaves. 
Sheila - The curry is very good. 
Avery - I like it. 
Sheila - We would make this for wintertime. 

All in all, everyone enjoyed the homemade stew. Curry is something we don't have often, but when we make it we wonder why we don't have it as often. It's delicious! 
The Pringles were also good. Not great, but it's difficult to beat our favorite Pringles flavors. We've tried so many different Pringles now, including an 19 flavor taste test

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  1. Alli & Ian are a walking encyclopedia for all things Minecraft! The Minecraft Suspicious Stew Pringles didn't have enough of those special ingredients for "deliciousness", but enough for "just okay." But the homemade Suspicious Stew had all the right, secret ingredients for that "delicious" taste...curry is a great flavor and pairs well with so many different things...what a wonderful, yummy stew! Alli & Ian even got to sharpen (no pun there) their kitchen skills while being great kitchen helpers! P.S. Using a bed of spinach leaves instead of rice is a great way of making the stew even more nutritious (also a good way of fitting those greens in :-) ) EOM