Thursday, July 20, 2023

Hot Tamales Cotton Candy taste test comparison

Hot Tamale Cotton Candy? I love Hot Tamale candies! They are one of my favorite movie snacks! But, can that spicy goodness be captured by a cotton candy? We'll find out! 

The Hot Tamales candies are a bright red color, while the Hot Tamales Cotton Candy is definitely not. It's the standard pink color that we're used to seeing. I think the bag is maybe exaggerating the color of the cotton candy. It's nowhere close to that color. 
Theresa - Can you imagine how much red dye would be in that if they did? 
Theresa - This is going to be a love/hate relationship. My favorite candy and my least favorite candy. 
She does not like the texture of cotton candy at all. 

I feel like the bag did do a good job of getting that Hot Tamales candy feel. Dark red with flames all over it. I'm ready to taste this Fierce Cinnamon flavor. How did I get such good pictures of the candy without it falling over? 

Thanks Ian! No, you're not in the picture at all. 

Let's crack this bag open. How does it smell? Well, that doesn't look very encouraging. 

It can't be that bad, can it? 

Ooh, that is not a good face. 
Theresa - It smells like a plastic cinnamon. 

But really? 

Well, I guess so. It has a very odd and unappealing smell. 
Patrick - It smells like Big Red Gum. 

Well looking at the back, this does not have any cinnamon in it. It's just artificial flavors, so I guess maybe you can't make cotton candy out of real cinnamon. 

The other thing about this prepackaged cotton candy, it's really crumbly. 
Megan - And it looks like insulation. 
Theresa - It probably works as good as insulation. 
Megan - The mice and rats would love it. 
Joe - Do you want ants? Because that is how you get ants. 

Theresa - For movie theater candies, that is what I would pick.
Ian - I don't know if I've ever tried Hot Tamales. (you have, when we did Hot Tamales Peeps)
Theresa - That's another reason I like these candies. I don't have to share. They're starting to like hot things now though, so they might start liking these. 

Patrick - Yum!
Theresa - That's divine candy. 

Joe - What do you think Ian? 
Ian - I don't get any heat. That's a cinnamon flavor. 
Megan - I do not like those. I don't like the texture and I don't like the hot cinnamon. It burns my gums. I really don't like how gummy it is. 

Ian - Am I allowed to have another one Dad? 
Joe - Wow, I guess he likes them. Let's try this plastic cinnamon cotton candy first. 

Patrick - That's disgusting. 

Alli - It tastes like Christmas. 
Ian - Maybe like molasses. Like from gingerbread? 
Alli - I don't think I like this. 
Theresa - Hmm. Maybe it's like clove or nutmeg. 


Megan - Ugh. It has something else going on. 

Joe - Hmm. I got fruity flavors. 
Patrick - I taste artificial flavors. It doesn't taste like Hot Tamales. Why couldn't they have taken the Hot Tamales, freeze dried them into a powder, blended them up, then made cotton candy out of that. This flavor is not good. 
Joe - I don't get a Fierce Cinnamon flavor from it. 

Theresa - I only smelled it. 
Joe - You've got to eat it. With your sensitive palate, tell us what you taste. 
Theresa - You guys are so gross. It tastes like Christmas spices. 
Alli - Christmas yuckiness. 
Megan - It's a mild version of cinnamon. 

When I polled the room, everyone preferred the Hot Tamales candy over the Hot Tamales Cotton Candy, except Megan. She didn't like either, but would pick the cotton candy first because it wouldn't make her gums hurt. 
Theresa - Now I'm going to have to share my Hot Tamales with you guys at the movies. 

Better throw some in water and see what happens. 
Patrick - Ian, I'll give you a dollar if you drink it. 
Ian - Okay! Are you for real? 
Sure enough, he drank it! It doesn't flavor the water very much at all. 
So, I wouldn't particularly recommend trying the Hot Tamales Cotton Candy. It doesn't taste like Hot Tamales at all. 

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  1. All thumbs down on the Hot Tamales-flavored Cotton Candy...unappealing taste of "Christmas spices!" Only good thing about the cotton candy was the packaging...although the ants and other critters wouldn't mind if it was used for insulation :-) Ian is your secret, behind-the-scenes prop guy weapon! Guess everyone gets their own Hot Tamales Candy box next time in the theater!! EOM