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Milkis Korean Soda Beverage taste test - all 6 flavors compared

Today we are having a giant Milkis beverage taste test! The kids are certainly excited to try all the flavors!

There's 6 different flavors we'll be sampling. Original, Strawberry, Peach, Apple, Melon, and Banana! 

What is Milkis? We've actually had it a few times before, but the kids remember it specifically from our trip to Korea. The package says that it's a milk and yogurt flavor, but Ian and Alli just know it as "the ice cream drink". It tastes a lot like melted sherbet ice cream. 
Ian - It's the best drink ever. 

While the kids were hanging out with Gram and Pop Pop, they found a few different flavors of Milkis and asked if we could have a taste test. You know, if we're going to have a taste test, I'm going to want to find all the different flavors available. After searching multiple stores, Pop Pop was able to find every single flavor available in the states. I see there's a few more overseas (like Pineapple, Mango, Grape, and Lemon), but I'm happy with what we've got. 
Pop Pop - It was 5 different stores to find the last one. And a 6 pack cost $8.99 at one store. $9.99 at another.
Ian - But it came from Korea Pop Pop!

One of the questions we all had was how to actually pronounce the name of this drink.
Looking closer at the label, Theresa found some Korean characters, and luckily for us, the knows how to read them phonetically. 
Theresa - MIL-KEE-SU
So if that's the long E at the end of the Korean pronunciation, I guess that means we'll call it MIL-KEES. 

Milkis is a "New Feeling of Soda Beverage".
There's no caffeine, preservatives, or corn syrup. 
It's also made in Korea!

The first test Pop Pop wanted to try was whether the original bottled Milkis tasted the same as the canned Milkis. 
Interestingly, the 0.5L bottle contained both Cane Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup, where the larger 1.5L bottle did not. 
Megan - I really really like it a lot. 
Patrick - It's very good. 
Megan - I would drink that whole thing. 
Avery - Isn't that yummy?
Patrick - Theresa, do they taste a little like the Yakult yogurt health drinks? 
Mickey - That's pretty yummy. That's pretty yummy. 

Well, this looks like the start of a good taste test! 
Pouring all the different flavors into cans and getting a look at the different colors. The standouts are Strawberry and Banana for their brightness. Looking at the ingredient labels, I see that they're also the only ones that are using artificial colors. 

Let's move on to the canned version of the original Milkis. It doesn't look any different than the bottled one. 
Theresa - That's less carbonated than the bottled one. And I think it's not as sweet. 
Ian - I like it not as sweet. 

Sheila - The bottle is a lot sweeter. 
Ian - I prefer canned. 
Avery - Much better. 
Patrick - I like the first one better. 
Megan - I can't tell enough of a difference to care. 

Next we'll move on to Strawberry Milkis. 
Sheila - It's good, but it's not a strong strawberry. I don't get much strawberry. 
Ian - Nor do I.
Theresa - It's like a fruitish flavor. 

Patrick - It starts out like strawberry Quik. 
Joe - Yes, it's the same strawberry flavor as Nestle Quik. 
Patrick - But it's carbonated.
Theresa - It's fine. 
Megan - I like it a lot. 
Ian - It's so good!
Sheila - I have a feeling we're going to like all of them. 

Now let's try the Peach Milkis!
"Yay's" came from around the table. Seems like everyone is excited to try this flavor. 
Joe - And this is Korean Peach!
Patrick - What's different about Korean Peach? 
Joe - It tastes more like a peach instead of artificial peach. 
Theresa - Peach is one of my favorite flavor drinks. 

Theresa - Mmm, it smells like peach. That's Peach!
Ian - That's good peach!
Joe - Is it yogurty, or is it just peach? 
Sheila - It's like peach water. It's good!
Theresa - It's like a peach carbonated drink. 
Patrick - That smells delicious!
Avery - It's a good peach!
Theresa - Like a fresh peach. 
Joe - I don't get fresh peach. I get a Haribo Peach flavor! Still good though. 
Ian - It's so good!
Mickey - Like a Georgia Peach. That's a good one. 

Next up we have apple. 
Joe - I'm hoping it's not a green apple. 
Ian - It's not. Don't worry. 
Joe - Like apple cider? 
Ian - It is apple cider. But with an extra Oomph. 
Joe - So you've already tried one of these before then. 

Joe - Well aren't you guys just like "POUR IT FOR ME! GIVE ME SOME MILKIS!"
Ian - Okay, this is good!
Sheila - Smells like apple. 
Avery - It smells good!
Sheila - Something is missing. 
Mickey - Hmm. 
Theresa - It's like an incomplete apple. 
Mickey - It does taste like it's missing something. 
Sheila - It's a weak apple. 
Theresa - It's my least favorite so far. 
Ian - It doesn't taste like the one we had before. I think that's just a bad can. Let's open another!

Next, let's try Banana. 
Theresa - You're going to taint my cup with banana? 
Joe - Not everyone is a fan of banana. 
Theresa - It smells like RUNTS!
Patrick - Will it be a Runt banana or a fresh banana? 
Avery - I don't really like banana flavors. 
Sheila - You have to try it though. So when we ask which is the worst, you can say that. 

Mickey - That's actually pretty good Avery. 
Theresa - I'm not going to lie to you Avery. No it doesn't. (Avery never did try it)
Patrick - It does taste like Runts. 
Ian - I think it's a good banana. And I don't like banana.
Megan - I love it, but surprisingly it's not my favorite. 
Theresa - My cup is tainted now. Thanks for the new one Alli. 

And time for our last one. Melon!
Mickey - I was walking out of the store and the lady was apologizing that they didn't have any Melon Milkis. The guy unloading the truck heard her and went back to the truck, unloaded a case, and brought it to me. 
Mickey - I wonder which melon it is?
Theresa - Probably a Korean melon. A honeydew?

Alli - I think it's watermelon. 
Theresa - It's not. It smells like honeydew. 
Ian - It tastes good too! Really good!
Avery - This is yummy!
Alli - I don't know what melon it tastes like, but it's a creamy combined melon. 
Joe - I like that melon. 
Megan - I don't like that one. 
Patrick - It's better than apple. 
Joe - It's got a little bit of a bubble gum flavor to it. 

Wow, so we liked a whole lot of those. Many of them are delicious! Let's go around the room and vote for our favorites. Or just rank them however you like. 
Theresa - Peach, Strawberry, Original. Worst is Banana.
Sheila - Original (bottled), Original (canned), Strawberry. Worst is Melon.
Ian - Original (bottled), Melon, Peach. Worst is Apple. I don't know what happened with it this time. The other Apple was good. 
Alli - Original (bottled), Original (canned), Strawberry. Least favorite is Banana.
Avery - All of them are my favorite. But I don't like banana flavors. 
Mickey - Original (bottled), Peach, Melon. I didn't dislike any of them. 
Megan - Original (either bottled or canned), Strawberry, Peach. Least favorite is Melon. 
Patrick - Original (bottled), Peach, Strawberry. Least favorite is Apple. 
Joe - Original is my favorite (either one), Strawberry, Melon. Least favorite is Apple. 

This was a good taste test! 
Thank you Pop Pop for finding all of them! This is one of the most liked taste tests we've had in a while!

Lotte did a good job on all of these! 

And yes, that's the same Lotte company that owns Lotte World! The Korean Disneyland we got to visit years ago! 
Delicious! Definitely pick one of these up from your local Asian market the next time you see it. We think they're amazing!

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