Friday, July 28, 2023

Doritos Dips and Chips taste test comparison

We love our Doritos Chips. There was even a taste test where we tried 11 different flavors at the same time in an effort to find our favorite! Today though, we're moving away from the Doritos Chips and trying the new Doritos Dips!

There are two different flavors of Doritos Dips. Doritos Dip Spicy Nacho and Doritos Dip Cool Ranch Jalapeno. We'll be tasting those with tortilla chips, but for comparison we'll be having Doritos Chips. 

For the Doritos Dips Spicy Nacho, it was pretty each to pick a Doritos Chip to try against it. Doritos makes a spicy nacho chip. Perfect!

The Doritos Dip looks like your typical cheese dip. 

For the Doritos Dip Cool Ranch Jalapeno, I don't have a direct comparison. There's Doritos Cool Ranch, but there's no spice to them. There's the new Flamin Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Chips, but those don't have a jalapeno flavor to them. We'll just make due. 

The Cool Ranch Jalapeno dip is a creamier color than the Spicy Nacho. 

First up, the Doritos Dips with plain tortilla chips. 
Jon - Looking at the word dip, it's the same upside down. 
Isaac - You know it's spicy when the back of your mouth is already tingling. 
Megan - I do not like that cheese dip. 

Isaac - Oh spicy. 
Megan - That is not good. 
Patrick - That is not Doritos. 

Sheila - Oh that's too hot. 
Alli - The Doritos Dip Spicy Nacho flavor just doesn't fit in. 
Sheila - Oh buddy. (she does not like spicy heat) Mmm, I love the milk. 

Jon - I usually get the Frito Lay Bean Dip. Or sometimes the Mild Cheddar dip. I would lean towards those instead of these. 

Joe - I don't know that that one tastes like Cool Ranch. I definitely get Jalapeno. 
Jon - It's straight up jalapeno. 
Joe - Why can't they get it to taste like Cool Ranch? 
Isaac - I think they just put Doritos up top as a sponsor. 

Theresa - Oh, it does smell like jalapeno. I don't like that smell. 
Joe - I understand. 
Theresa - It does not taste like Cool Ranch AT ALL. It's just a jalapeno dip. 
Alli - I also think the Cool Ranch Jalapeno just doesn't fit in. 

Kitty cats can not have spicy chips. (Random thought, can cats tasty spicy? A quick Google search says no they can't, but it doesn't recommend feeding them spicy foods regardless.)

Megan - We should dip the Doritos Chips in the Doritos Dips. 
Jon - Cool Ranch Doritos is one of my favorites. 

Theresa - I got no Doritos flavor from either of the dips. 
Joe - It's Doritos in name only. 
Alli - I think the Doritos Flamin Hot Cool Ranch just tastes like hotness. 
Ian - I'm not trying Flamin Hot after the other ones. 

Theresa - The Spicy Nacho chip doesn't even taste spicy to me. It's a regular Dorito. 
Isaac - I just can't stop eating these Spicy Nacho Chips with the Spicy Nacho dip. 

Isaac - My head is starting to hurt. 

Megan - I like to dip the Cool Ranch in the Ranch dip. 
Patrick - Yeah, that's good. 
Alli - My favorite was the Cool Ranch chips. 
Jon - We were kids when Doritos Cool Ranch came out right? 
(Quick check shows it came out in 1986)
Jon - I remember just destroying bags of those. 
Megan - My sister used to lick all the flavoring off and put the chip back in the bag...

Theresa - The Flamin Hot flavor doesn't have a lot of Cool Ranch flavor. It's just a bit hot.
Mickey - I like the hot ones. 
Ian - I didn't like either of the dips. But my favorite is the Cool Ranch chip. 
Joe - My mouth is hot right now. I don't think the dips are that good, and definitely don't taste like Doritos. They're just okay as dips. 

Well, that's all our thoughts. I definitely wouldn't go out of your way to try these. 

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  1. "Doritos in name only" seems to sum up the verdict on the least the chips helped save the tasting test :-) "I love the milk" leaves no doubt spicy isn't her thing! Interesting observation the "dip" word reads the same upside down or right side up! EOM