Saturday, July 22, 2023

Hawaiian Punch Drink Mix taste test comparison

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch? 
I found 4 different Hawaiian Punch drink mix packets and figured we'd have to try them all! 

There's Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry Squeeze, Fruit Juicy Red, Berry Blue Typhoon, and Wild Purple Smash. 

Punchy, the Hawaiian Punch mascot, is on the front of each bright and colorful box. 
If the pictures are to be trusted, we can look forward to Strawberries and Lemons in our Lemon Berry Squeeze. Fruit Juicy Red has Cherry, Orange, Mango, Apple, and Pineapple. Berry Blue Typhoon shows Blueberries, Strawberries, and Kiwi (not a berry I don't think. But no! Further research shows that a Kiwi is a true berry!)
Our Wild Purple Smash will have Grapes, Apple, Pineapple, and Raspberry. 

All sugar free. 

Ah, empty it into a 16.9 oz bottle of water. I think ours is going to be a little strong tonight. 

An easy way to add a burst of delicious flavor to your water. Take your favorite Hawaiian Punch flavor with you wherever you go. 

Each "On the Go" box contained 8 packets of drink mix. I believe they cost a dollar per box. 

A look at the powder before the water is added. And let me say, the powder color does not match what's on the side of the box up above. 

First up, the Lemon Berry Squeeze. 

Megan volunteered to pour everyone's samples, then thought better of it. 

Ah yes. Paper towels are a good thing. 

Alli - Pretty good!
Avery - Delicious! DELICIOUS!
Alli - It tastes like the chewy bubblegum medicine. 
Joe - I was getting a medicine flavor. 
Ian - I was getting cleaner. 
Patrick - Yeah, the lemon. 
Theresa - I'm not really enjoying that one. 

Time for the Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red. This is the original!

Thank you Megan. 

Alli - It's a fruit punch with a twist of medicine. A little bubble gum. 

Theresa - I'm not a fan of making it so red! Alli, I taste the bubblegum too! I do not like that. 

Avery - I. Love. It. 
Ian - That's not good. 
Joe - Your lips are turning red. 
Avery - It's DELICIOUS! 

Patrick - Nope! 
Ian - I'm out!

Patrick - I'm not a huge Hawaiian Punch fan. 
Joe - I'm not either. 
Patrick - If it was Hi-C or something. 
Many people got up to rinse their cup out after this one. 

Let's try this Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon. 

Ian - That's full on Elderberry!
Megan - I like the smell of it more than I like the taste. 
Theresa - It's sour!
Megan - It smells like Blue Icee. It tastes like a sour Blue Icee. 
Patrick - That's sour. 
Theresa - It's sour berry medicine. 
Ian - Yep. That's Elderberry for ya. (he remembers taking elderberry flavored medicine and hating it).
Joe - I don't hate it. 
Theresa - Ugh. 

Last is the Hawaiian Punch Wild Purple Smash. 
Patrick - Purple isn't even a flavor. 
Joe - I like the way it smells. 
Theresa - I'm hoping it tastes like grape. And if it's not, I'm going to be sad. 
Patrick - It's not grape. It's purple. 

Avery - (angrily) It tastes worse than grape medicine!
Patrick - It tastes exactly like grape medicine. I like this one. 
Alli - It tastes so good! 
Ian - Give me a second, I need to run to the sink. 

Theresa - Maybe it's just too strong. 
Patrick - The grape one, no scratch that, the purple one is my favorite. 

I thought Megan's paper towel was very colorful afterwards. 

Let's go around the table and get everyone's thoughts. 
Theresa - I would never put any of those in my mouth again. I found them all to be really poorly flavored. Crystal Light is way better. These all have a something wrong with them. Either a medicine flavor. A bitterness, or a sourness. Just weird. 
Patrick - The Wild Purple Smash was my favorite. I don't care for Hawaiian Punch. I would go for Hi-C over all these. 
Joe - Out of all of them, the Wild Purple Smash was my favorite. I just like grape stuff. 
Megan - My favorite was the Lemon Berry Squeeze. It reminded me of Crystal Light. A lot of these had a strong aftertaste I didn't like. 
Avery - I loved the first three, but not the purple one. It tasted like grape medicine. 
Alli - My favorite is either the Blueberry Tycoon (Ian - Typhoon Alli), or the Wild Purple Smash. I think I like purple better because I like medicine. 
Ian - I did not like any of them. Out of them all, my favorite was the Lemon Berry Squeeze. My least favorite was either the Wild Purple Smash that tasted like grape medicine, or the Berry Blue Typhoon that tasted like Elderberry medicine. 
Joe - So you really got the medicine notes from all these. 
Ian - Oh yeah. 

Joe - Ian and Alli have opposite reactions. Ian hates it because it tastes like medicine. Alli loves it because it tastes like medicine. 
Megan - I have a memory of climbing up on the cabinet and drinking it. I remember putting it on a spoon because I thought you had to put it on a spoon. But kids, never do that. 

Well, it wasn't great, but thanks for participating in this Hawaiian Punch Taste Test!

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  1. Think that Hawaiian Punch Taste Test goes down as one of those "not buying that as a thirst quencher"! Looks like "medicine" flavor was the most common taste reaction...not a taste I'd go for in a refreshing drink :-)...but I guess Alli considers that a "plus". That last photo of Avery looks as if she's trying to get that "grape medicine" flavor out of her taste buds :-) Alli had some cute, giggling moments, probably because of Ian's "yucky" reactions to the drinks :-) EOM