Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Kit Kat Churro taste test comparison

A new Kit Kat flavor! We love trying all the different Kit Kat flavors

Walking through a local 7/11, Megan saw these at the counter. 
Megan - Joe, do you want to get them? 
Knowing how many taste test things I still have waiting to do, can you believe I actually said "No thank you."
Well, Megan wasn't about to let me slide and went ahead and bought one. Then the next day she went back and bought 2 more! Okay then, let's do a Kit Kat Churro taste test!

There are times when I would make my own churros to go with it, but in this case, Patrick and Megan picked up churros from Costco before coming over. Thanks!

Opening up a package, I see we've got a brown coating. It must be colored white chocolate or the like because that's too light to be a milk chocolate. Inside the coating I see darker flecks of something. 

Cutting it in half, there's the standard wafer arrangement of a Kit Kat bar.

A closer look at the packaging promises Crisp Wafers in Churro flavored Creme. I do love a hot and fresh churro, so I'm eager to see if Kit Kat can get the flavor right. 

Patrick asked if we remembered our first churro. His was at a park in California called Great America. Getting a churro by the roller coaster. The kids remember getting them from Disneyland. Megan remembers church trips to Mexico and getting them from stands on the side of the road, filled with caramel. I don't remember my first one, but I remember having a pumpkin churro in Japan!
Alright then, let's start by tasting them! 

Ian - These kitty kats taste yummy!
Megan - Well... that does not scream churro to me. I do not taste the cinnamon. 
Theresa - If I had to guess, I'd say that's some kind of creme. 
Avery - Yum!  
Joe - I'm getting more of a birthday cake flavor. 
Theresa - Like a frosting flavor. It tastes more fatty than sweet to me. 
Patrick - I don't get cinnamon at all.
Alli - I think it tastes like birthday cake and frosting, and I don't like it. 
Theresa - I don't like it.  

Hmm. So why don't they taste at all like cinnamon? Checking the ingredient, there is not a single mention of cinnamon as a flavoring. 
This got me to thinking, is a Churro a name for just the fried dough part? And Cinnamon Churro is meant to be something else? It started us on a research path. 

Churros are a Spanish dish, made from choux pastry dough and piped into hot oil. In some parts of the world, churros are dipped in chocolate or filled vanilla or fruit. In Seville, they are never dipped in sugar, but other parts of the world rolls them in sugar. Only in America did I find mention of cinnamon being a flavor that is used alongside churros. 
Taking an up-close look at the picture, I definitely see fried dough, but I don't see anything on top of it. No cinnamon sugar layer that I can tell. 

How about the churros from Costco? It's interesting that they have two different colored doughs. These are definitely coated with cinnamon sugar. 

Many of us didn't love the twisted dough. We like the straight churro that gives more surface area for cinnamon sugar. Also the middle of this one felt a bit doughy, where a churro from say Disneyland is crispy with just a little chew and an airy middle. 
Theresa - I don't like the doughy wetness. 
Megan - It's not a good ratio. 
Theresa - It's a lot of dough to not a lot of sweetness. 
Megan - But for $1.50...
Theresa - Disneyland has my favorite churro. Disney you've done well. Costco you can work on it. Kit Kat you work on it. 

I guess we've found that Costco Churros aren't our favorite shape churro either. 
Ian - I love this taste test.
Megan - I don't hate the Kit Kat, but I don't love it. It's not a churro.  
Joe - The Kit Kat needs way more cinnamon. It's like "baked good creme". 
Ian - But it was a yummy creme!
Joe - But it's not churro!

So, a lot of us were left wanting from the Churro Kit Kat. We had hoped for a cinnamon flavor that just wasn't there. If it had been, these could have been better. 

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  1. Looks like Ian was enjoying the churro and the Kit Kat...great taste test for him :-) Had to smile when Megan wouldn't take a "no" on a Kit Kat taste test...that's one determined lady! On the twisted churro I thought the darker twist had a filling because of the "creme-look" inside...guess it was just the dough in a less-airy state. Interesting how churros differ from country-to-country. EOM