Monday, July 10, 2023

Pop Pop's Homemade Raisins

Homemade raisins? I knew it was possible, but I never really thought about trying it. My dad was given a grocery bag full of grapes and knowing there was no way he could possibly eat them all before they went bad, he set off to make homemade raisins!

And thought it would be fun if we did a taste test with them. One of these came from the store, the other is homemade. We'll taste them blind and see what we think! Which one will be better? Let's find out!

First though, what's the process to making raisins at home? It starts washing them to remove any debris, then boiling the grapes for 15 seconds, immediately followed by an ice bath to break the skins. 

Once the skins are broken, they'll release their moisture a little easier when they dehydrate in the oven. 

And here they'll sit, at 170F for 24 hours. 

And when the time is up, they've lot a majority of their moisture. Before and after. The same amount of grapes in each bowl. Pop Pop started with over 4 pounds of grapes and was left with less than 3/4 of a pound. Losing all that water has concentrated the flavors and sugars. Grapes were sweet before, but now they're like candy! 

You've got Pop Pop's grapes. A little golden color. 

And the store-bought raisins. Darker. 
You know that, but our taste testers don't. Let's see if they can tell the differences between the two!

Starting with the darker raisins.  
Ian - Okay. 
Joe - They're chewy. Like gummies. 

And now to the lighter color ones. 
Ian - These things are delicious. 
Megan - I feel like both are good in their own way. 
Joe - These are crunchier. A little drier. 
Alli - Those are really good. 
Megan - Maybe a little more tart? 
Ian - And also yummier!
Joe - These are more like fruit leather. The others are more like gummy candies. 
Alli - They're both good. 
Sheila - I think these have more flavor. They taste the best. There's quite a difference. 
Alli - I think Pop Pop's are a little bit sweeter. 
Ian - I like them cause they taste like fruit leather. 
Mickey - I'd probably go for 20 hours instead of 24 hours next time. 

Great idea Dad! What a fun thing to make at home! 

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  1. Now that sounds like a great experiment (making homemade raisins) and doing a taste test with them...sounds like the homemade ones had a touch of more flavor & sweetness, too! Wonderful job by Pop Pop...what a great idea for handling all the extra grapes. EOM