Friday, January 12, 2024

Hot Honey Pringles taste test comparison

Okay, just one more Pringles taste test for now. There's certainly been a lot this week! 

This time we're trying Hot Honey Pringles! They are a Walmart Exclusive! 

Of course we've got to try them with my parents, who a few years ago kept bee hives and made their own Flowers' honey! My dad has a couple posts about it here.

To compare, we've got a couple bottles of Hot Honey from both Sue Bee and Trader Joe's. And while we could just eat the honey straight off a spoon, why not enjoy it instead on some of Megan's freshly baked sourdough bread! Yum!

The Hot Honey Pringles themselves don't have much color to them at all. There's no real indication that there is going to be any heat on them. Nothing like the Flamin' Hot Doritos we try once in a while. The canister above makes it appear that there is a little red dusting that's supposed to be on these. Hmm. 

Alli - Eww!
Theresa - I don't taste any honey. And I only got the tiniest bit of spice when it touched my tongue. 
Megan - It tastes like plain potato with a little spice to it. 
Theresa - No honey at all. Who made these flavors? 
Patrick - Just a little spice. That's about it. 
Joe - How do they smell? 
Theresa - Like they packaged the wrong Pringle or something. 
Mickey - Either my taste buds are off or those are off. 
Joe - That's a nothing chip. 
Sheila - That wasn't hot or honey tasting. 
Patrick - Hot Honey was boring. 
Megan - But it wasn't nasty. I didn't hate any of those Pringles we tried. 

And the bread with hot honey? 
Joe - That's actually got a little bit of heat to it. 
Alli - I hate this! I hate everything in this honey taste test!
Joe - You hate the bread? 
Alli - I like the bread. 
Sheila - The honey has some heat! 
Patrick - The hot honey on bread surprised me, it was good. 
Sheila - I liked the Sue Bee honey better than the Trader Joe's. 

Since we're wrapping up this chip taste test, Patrick brought out a bag of these International Lays chips he found at a local specialty store. Sweet! Let's try them! What flavor are they though? 

I can't identify the characters. There's an English translation sticker on the bag that says it's a Peach & Beer flavor. 

Though when I pull out Google Translate (love that app), it automatically detects what language it is (Chinese) and tells us the flavor might also be White Peach Sake. Or further down, White Peach Beer flavor. 

The flavor was actually really good! It's a great peachy flavor, but there's something behind it too. Is that carbonation? Like, fizz coming from the chip? 
Looking at the ingredient list there is something called edible essence. I wonder if that's what is giving us the interesting mouth sensation. 
We like them, but I don't know about eating too many of them at once. 

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  1. Oh my...Alli truly disliked the entire Hot Honey taste test :-( Based on the comments, the Hot Honey Pringles won't be welcomed back! Some of my favorite comments that best captures the "flavor" of the Pringles: "Who made these flavors?...packaged the wrong Pringles or something", "that's a nothing chip", and "Hot Honey was boring." :-) The homemade sourdough bread helped save the taste test...hmmmm, not sure of Hot Honey; maybe I'll follow Alli's lead and just eat the fresh sourdough bread on its own :-) That was a very interesting Peach/Beer Chip..."fizz" taste coming from the chip sounds quite interesting and unusual!! EOM