Thursday, January 11, 2024

Elote Mexican Street Corn Pringles and Street Taco Pringles taste test comparison

It's another Pringles Taste Test! This time bringing us two flavors from Mexico!

Mexican Street Corn Pringles and Street Taco Pringles! And since we like to try every taste test we can along with what that flavor is supposed to represent, we've got homemade Mexican Street Corn and Pulled Pork Street Taco, just to see if they got their flavors right. 

Mexican Street Corn is also known as Elote. The canister for the Pringles say Elote on one side and Mexican Street Corn on the other. 

For the street corn, first, I'll need to make the creamy sauce that goes on top. It's as easy as mixing sour cream and mayonnaise. 

Garnish with Cojita cheese and chili powder and it's almost ready to go. 

Just needs some fresh cilantro leaves and a squeeze of fresh lime juice! 
Sadly it's winter and in Colorado, ears of corn are harder to come by. Canned corn will have to do. 

For the Street Tacos, Megan had this pulled pork in the slow cooker all morning. Add some sweet onions and cilantro, plus a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and you've got an amazing street taco. Looks fantastic! 

Let's try the Elote Pringles first. 
Joe - I got the corn flavor! There's some corn in there. I don't taste cilantro or lime. 
Patrick- I only see flavoring on one end of it. 
Sheila - Those aren't bad! 
Mickey - I would eat that chip! They did a good job on that one. 
Patrick - Better than some other ones!

And the real thing? 
Alli - I like it pretty good. 
Joe - The real thing is good too. The sour cream and mayo makes it really creamy. 

Alli - Street Taco is good!
Theresa - It certainly tastes like beef bouillon. Like a beef bouillon seasoning on it. Not bad. 
Alli - It's so good. 
Joe - I don't taste any onion. I don't taste any cilantro. I taste a beefy kind of flavor.  
Patrick - Is shows carnitas on the package? 
Joe - Looks like carnitas to me. 
Patrick - I just get one flavor. 
Joe - Just the beef flavor. 

Both of those Elote and Street Taco Pringles had good flavors. The Elote Pringles was best at matching the actual Mexican Street Corn. We liked both of these. 

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  1. What a festive taste test...the colorful dinnerware was a beautiful complement for holding the elote, tacos and Pringles...the red and turquoise plates were so vibrant and colorful! Patrick's comment of "better than some other ones" seems to be the general feeling...tasty flavor that's definitely better than the Chili Cheese one :-) EOM