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Tesla Road Trip - Going to Tennessee and St. Louis - 2023/11/14

Continuing our journey across the country to deliver a vehicle from Florida to my dad in Colorado, we had just left the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House near Atlanta Georgia, on our way to Tennessee. We're meeting up with Carson and Abby tonight at 6pm and it's already 1:30pm! According to the map, it's going to take 5:30 hours to get there! Better hurry!

Crossing into Tennessee. 

Theresa is at the wheel for this portion. 

Due to traffic, we got diverted down some side roads and I have to admit, my heart gave a little start when I saw the 6'6" clearance. We definitely couldn't make that in the RV. Heck, we couldn't even make that in the truck! Thankfully the Tesla made it no problem. 

The Tesla chargers can be in the most random places. Like a Piggly Wiggly parking lot. Well with all the traffic and charging detours, did we make it in time? 

Yes! Thank goodness for time zones! Tennessee covers both the Eastern and Central time zones so we made it with a little time to spare! 

Good to see you both! 

I haven't had Culvers in years. Definitely have to get some fried cheese curds. 

Alli got a kids meal and instead of french fries, chose broccoli instead. Good girl. 

It does happen to come with an ice cream treat too. She asked for extra cherries and was accommodated. 

Ian who has moved on from kids meals was rethinking his choices once he saw Alli got free ice cream. Luckily she shared a few bites. 

It was fun catching up with Abby and Carson. 

The kids love their cousin. 


Alli made me take a picture of her in front of this pig portrait. She loves those pigs. 

So good to see you! Glad we could hang out for a bit! 

I dropped Theresa and the kids off at the hotel, then headed out to charge the Tesla. We've got a longer drive tomorrow and need full batteries. 

The next morning we drove through Kentucky. 

Stopping to charge up again. 

Across the Ohio River. 

And into Illinois. 

Charging once more at a gas station. 

I wonder what the difference is between Holiday Custard and Egg Nog.

Because our final destination is downtown, we opted to stop a little early for dinner. Chipotle and Chipotle kids meals for the win! We are eating out so much more than usual. Definitely starting the holiday weight gain a little early. 

As we crossed over the mighty Mississippi River we found ourselves in Missouri! 

There's the St. Louis Arch! And our hotel is so close to it! 
We're staying in the Hyatt Regency St Louis At The Arch. We've crossed by the Arch a few times during our road trips, but never have stopped with the kids. Parking in the garage at the hotel (which was a ridiculous 6'5" height limit), we made our way up to check in. 

Looking at the gift shop. 

Theresa did a really really good job getting our hotel room. 
Alli - It's one of the nicest rooms I've been in! It's got a sitting room in the front. 

Big bedroom in the back. 

Ian - Come look out the window! 

Wow! That's a really cool view!

Theresa and I were able to go down to the exercise room and work off some of that fast food we've been eating. 

Here's a map that the hotel provided. It shows the hotel is really close to the arch. 

Jumping ahead to a future post, here's a view from the top of the arch. That's our hotel! You can't be any closer! 

The next morning found Ian hanging out in the window well. The sun has heated it up nicely. He's like a cat, soaking in the warmth. 

Looking the other direction towards the Old Courthouse which is under construction. 

One perk of this hotel is free breakfast. They have a hotel restaurant which is probably fine, but as an alternative they said we could instead visit the in-hotel Starbuck, give the room number, and they'd cover the entire bill! 

Oh yeah! That got the kids excited! Who wants a continental breakfast when you could have Starbucks instead!

Looking through all the different breakfast foods we can get. 

Large drinks for everyone of course! 

Not counting our visit to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, this was the biggest bill I've had at a regular Starbucks. Everyone got 2 breakfast items and a drink. Getting free Starbucks was definitely a highlight of the trip for the kids. 

Before we hit the road, there's one more thing we have to do!

Let's go see the St. Louis Arch! 


  1. Great view of the arch from the hotel window...pretty view at night with all the city lights winking back! breakfast at Starbucks...must have been difficult trying to decide on a selection...what an unexpected treat. Great meet-up with Abby & Carson (has to be another highlight for the kids along w/ Starbucks :-) )...good thing Ian has a sister who likes to share, especially free ice cream! Hey, Alli,...glad you're liking those greens, especially broccoli :-) Looks like you're also discovering where not to drive The Beast (rather, where you can't drive!) Such a busy day of stops and driving. Do you find yourself spending more time stopping to charge more than stopping for gas w/ The Beast? EOM

    1. Hmm, it's just different with the Tesla. With the Tesla we're guaranteed to be stopping for 30-50 minutes to recharge. If we're driving the Beast and RV, it depends on if there's a line for diesel. We could be 10 minutes or 30 minutes. It feels like a lot more stops with the Tesla that take longer. I could see an electric car being useful for a daily driver where you're charging at home overnight. But for a road trip, I prefer gas/diesel.