Tuesday, January 2, 2024

CookiePop Nutter Butter Popcorn taste test comparison

Cookie Pop has a new flavor that Theresa found that we've just got to try! Nutter Butter! 

Nutter Butter cookies are so delicious. Sweet, crunchy, and peanut buttery, they are the favorite of both Amy and Rita. 

Will these Nutter Butter Popcorn pieces measure up? Let's find out! 

And like we always do, I have Nutter Butter cookies to compare these to! 

At last America! Two of our favorite snacks are joined together in Amazing Deliciousness! 
Light fluffy popcorn and peanut butter coating with real Nutter Butter cookie pieces.

Unfortunately, like many of the Cookie Pop popcorns we've tried, there aren't a lot of cookies that actually stuck to the popcorn. Checking the bottom of the bag, many of the Nutter Butter cookie pieces have separated from the popcorn. 

First up, we tried the Nutter Butter cookies. 
Amy - We love Nutter Butters <clap - clap - clap clap clap
Rita - Mmmm. We like Nutter Butters. I like Peanut Butter Cookies. 
Ethan - I would rather have a Nutter Butter than an Oreo. 
Joe - America's favorite cookie?
Rita - Me too. 
Amy - Yep. 
Theresa - No contest. 
Donald - Those are amazing. 

And now the popcorn? 
Ethan - Huh. 
Rita - Hmm. 
Amy - I feel like maybe I should have tasted the popcorn first, before the cookie. 
Ethan - It's okay, but I would much rather have the cookie. 
Ian - Not even close to as good as the regular Nutter Butter. 
Rita - I'd probably just have the cookie. 
Theresa - The flavor is way less intense. It's so muted. It tastes like frosting that has just a hint of Nutter Butter flavor. 

With that comment, let's check the ingredient list. 
First up is: Confectionery Coatings. After Sugar, Vegetable Oil, and Whey Powder, comes Partially Defatted Peanut Flour. I guess that's where we're getting our muted peanut flavor from. 

Rita - It needs to have a little more peanut butter punch to it. 
Austin - I taste a general peanut butter flavor, but maybe more of a vanilla flavor. 

Digging down, we found some pieces that had settled to the bottom of the bag that still had cookies affixed to them, along with more cookie pieces. Having the two together made a much better experience. The peanut butter flavor comes through a lot more. It's a shame so many of the pieces of popcorn were the sugar drizzle only with no cookie. 

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  1. Getting cookie pieces to stick to popcorn is quite a tall order...but when it does, look out! Sounds like the cookie wins hands down...not sure if Nutter Butter tops an Oreo (mmmmm, have to think about that :-) ) That was a fun taste test since Rita & Amy got to snack on their favorite cookie :-) EOM