Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Wishing Theresa a very Happy Birthday!

The morning started like it usually does with Theresa lifting weights in the gym.

And picking up her free Starbucks drink (for the kids to have).

All day we've been watching for severe weather. And right when we started dinner, it started pouring. 
It was even so bad that the governor of Florida declared a state of emergency for 2/3 of the entire state, including our county. 

Jacob came over for dinner and to celebrate.

I was in charge of making dinner. These homemade Texas Roadhouse rolls were piping hot out of the oven. Theresa ate one before her meal!

I made them really good today. They were so soft. Melt in your mouth. 

Along with steak, baked potato, and those tasty rolls.

Time for presents. 
We've all been trying to eat better, and that always means sacrifices in some foods. Well we just found an appliance that everyone here is getting excited about. An ice cream maker called the Ninja Creami. We can make high protein ice cream or sorbets and have more fun "treats" at home. That plus the kids have been asking me when we can make homemade Oreo ice cream again. This will make it easy! 

Alli also made T a nice card and a necklace. 

Ian was excited to use his programming skills he's learning to make Theresa an interactive birthday card in Scratch! There's animations and when you click on the card it opens up shows you the inside. Click again and it goes to the back of the card.

She requested Nothing Bundt Cake in lieu of something homemade. We're all pretty stuffed from dinner. We picked Lemon, Red Velvet, and Snickerdoodle. All of them were good, but Snickerdoodle was really good tonight. 

Happy Birthday Theresa! 

Wishing you a fun year with lots of adventures. 


  1. Happy Birthday Theresa!!...yes, best wishes for another year of love and fun adventures with family and friends (like Jacob!) Alli's homemade birthday necklace had purples to match Theresa's blouse...perfect!...good job Alli. Fun, interactive birthday card by Ian to show Mom his love and his developing programming skills...nice work, Ian. Can't wait to hear about all the homemade ice cream creations :-) Mmmmmm...homemade, soft Texas Roadhouse Rolls...looks, smells, and tastes wonder Theresa had to have one fresh out of the oven!! EOM