Monday, January 8, 2024

Mochinut Donuts taste test

While Nicole and Jacob were out shopping, they came across a shop that Nicole had been wanting to try. Mochinut Donuts! 

Originating in Hawaii, Mochi Donuts are a combination of the American Donut and Japanese Mochi. 
There are 25 different Mochi Donut flavors possible here at Mochinut, but only a dozen different flavors are offered each week. You'll have to check the Instagram of each shop to know the flavors of the week. 
Nicole and Jacob learned that the Churro is one of their most popular flavors. They also grabbed a Honey and Nutella. A 3-pack cost $9. 

Along with Mochi Donuts, they also offer Rice Hotdogs, and Boba. 

And so, when Jacob came over for dinner that night, he brought us dessert! 

Yum! Theresa got everything cut up for us to try them all. 

Instead of being made with regular flour, these donuts are made with rice flour, giving them a crispy outside texture and a chewy inside texture. 

First up is the Churro. It's not as sweet as I would have expected. It is nice and chewy. It's not a very strong flavor though. There's not a strong cinnamon to it. I didn't love the chocolate drizzle on it. It felt like it made the crispy texture a little soggy. I don't understand why it had the two mini Oreos on it. 
Theresa - If it didn't have the chocolate drizzle sauce it would have been better. 
Jacob - It needed more cinnamon. Or more churro flavor. 

I was looking forward to the honey flavor, but again it was pretty subtle. 
Alli - It's a little too much sugar. 
Everyone else - WHAT? 
I don't think it's too sweet. 

The Nutella one was covered very well with chocolate, plus it had crunchy sugar crystals all over it. And based on this one, it appears that every donut has the exact same base. The frosting and topping is doing all the heavy lifting to carry the flavor. I guess that's why the flavors are subtle. 
Ian - It's delicious!
Joe - That's my favorite!
Jacob - None of them are overly sweet. 

Time to rank them. There was a lot of consensus on our side. 
Ian/Theresa/Jacob/Joe - Nutella, Honey, Churro.
Alli - Nutella, Churro, Honey. 
And Nicole liked Honey, Churro, and Nutella in that order. 

Now I've got to go try one of those Rice Hot Dogs!

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  1. First time hearing about Mochinuts!! (learn so many new things here :-) ) The box top lid is pretty with those pastel colors. Sounds like the Nutella was an overwhelming favorite...yum, yum. It appears a Mochinut is perfect for those who don't want an overly sweet treat. Great dessert treat from Jacob! EOM