Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Seaweed flavored Pringles from Japan taste test comparison

Earlier this year, Theresa, Alli, Ian, and I went to Japan for 3 weeks! While we were there, I found all sorts of interesting treats, some that I knew I wanted to bring back and try with everyone at home! 

First of those are these Pringles! We've tried dozens of different Pringles flavors over the years, including a taste test where we tried 19 different flavors of Pringles at once!  

Today we've got a flavor unlike anything we've had before. Seaweed flavor! That's definitely not one we'd find in the US. 

And like we always try to do here, along with the Seaweed Pringles, we'll also be having a roasted seaweed snack to go along with it. 

In fact, before the taste test, the kids were all eating seaweed in the hotel bed together. 

Aunt Amy said that seaweed was one of the things she put in everyone's stocking on Christmas morning!

I love Google Translate. It was super useful on our trip to Japan, and it can help out still. I can't read Japanese, but through the app I can see this is a Snack Seaweed that has Outstanding Umami flavor. 

There's even Nori pieces (seaweed pieces) in the chips themselves! 

The Pringles themselves have a dark green tint to them. 
How do they smell? 
Joe - There's not too much of a smell. 
Ethan - A little bland smell. 
Rita - Doesn't really smell. 

I asked for people to come taste them and Chi was right there front and center. 

Abby - That looks like a veggie chip. 
Alli - It's just like a sweet original Pringle. 
Aubrey - It's like a veggie straw. 
Theresa - A veggie straw with a hint of seaweed. 
Joe - Chi, is that your favorite Pringle? 
Chi - Yes. 

I don't love seaweed. Actually I dislike seaweed. Anything fishy. I still tried this one, and while it wasn't fishy, I didn't love it. 

Donald - The Koreans say this seaweed flavor is mild. 
Rita - I feel like it's usually the aftertaste, but this one it's the beginning taste.
Joe - I got it on the aftertaste. At first I thought it was just a little potatoey, but then...  
Richard - I agree with that. 
Ian - I didn't want to try them. But just like the Japanese Curry Pringles (still to be written up), I liked them. 
Carson - It tastes like fried okra. I don't think it tastes much like seaweed. 

Ethan - I could probably eat a whole case of those. 

Everyone started in on the seaweed pieces. We even have rice to go along with it!
Alli - The seaweed is better. 

Donald - So tasty. That's lunch right there. 
Chi - I like the whole plate. 

Ethan decided to make a wrap with seaweed, a chip, and rice. 

Ethan - I like it even better with the chip inside it. 
Donald - Like the sushi with the crumbles on top!

So, if you like dried roasted seaweed as a snack, there's probably a good chance you'll like these too. 

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  1. Yay...Chi's FAVORITE Pringles!!! Ethan's creation of the chip & rice wrapped in the seaweed sounds good (I know, not to you...your expression on just the chip itself says it all :-) ) I do like seaweed (grew up on seaweed soup instead of the wraps...such a tasty soup!) Google Translate is so handy...definitely helpful on deciphering the Japanese writing on the Pringles canister. Like that Seaweed Pringles taste test (probably one of Chi's favorite taste tests, if not her favorite!) EOM