Saturday, August 13, 2022

Freetles Freeze Dried Skittles Taste Test Comparison

Earlier this year we had an awesome and truly crazy Skittles taste test with 13 different types of Skittles and 56 unique Skittles flavors. Megan and Patrick were responsible for gathering a whole bunch of those Skittles flavors, and so it was no surprise that when we arrived back in Colorado, Patrick had a new Skittles item for us to all try. 
Freetles? What are Freetles?

Skittles are good, but can they be made even better? Salt City Treats seems to think so. They put Original Skittles in a vacuum chamber, freeze them to -40F, pull a vacuum as they bring up the temperature, which causes all the water inside to evaporate. The result is a crunchy and brittle texture.  

A bag of Freetles cost about $6 for 6 ounces. 
The ingredient list matches up with the bag of Skittles. I was wondering if these would be Lime (yum) or Green Apple flavored (yuck). 

It's interesting to see what the freeze drying process has done to the middle of these Skittles. The chewy center has ballooned out, causing the shell to crack. 

Joe - The texture on these is wild!
Megan - I like it!
Theresa - They're the exact same flavor but a different texture!
Patrick - They are wonderful! 

Ian was super happy that the green ones were still Green Apple. He's a fan, and was sad that they're being replaced with Lime. 

Sheila - They're not bad at all!
Mickey - I haven't had anything like that. They're very yummy. 

Avery - This one is delicious! 

The insides became the outsides. 
Megan - If you just suck on one of the freeze dried ones they just melt in your mouth. 
Joe - Ooh, I have to try that. I've been crunching them because they're so good!
Mickey - I like the texture and the flavor.

Megan - I like the freeze dried ones because they don't hurt my jaw to chew. 
Theresa - I like them all!

So the big question, which one is better? Did freeze drying improve on regular Skittles?
Theresa - I have to decide? 
Ian - I like the Green Apple best!
Yes you have to decide Theresa. Ignore the green apple Ian. Just tell me which is best. 

Freeze dried Skittles - Sheila, Mickey, Patrick, Megan, Theresa, Ian, Joe
Regular Skittles - Avery and Alli

Freeze dried Skittles was the clear winner! That crunchy texture and concentrated flavor makes them taste amazing! Thank you for grabbing them Patrick!
Patrick - Now we need a freeze drying machine.
Theresa - I just need to get up from this table, because I need to stop eating Skittles. 

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  1. Freetles: both strange and interesting-looking...amazing they taste so unique and better than the regular Skittles (well, except for Avery & Alli). Looks like Salt City Treats created a yummy winner with their creative idea! EOM