Friday, August 12, 2022

We're back at Disneyland! Our second day at Disneyland! Pt 2 - 2022/06/11

It's our second day at the Disneyland Resort, and we spent the morning bouncing between both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Our Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations are ready for us to go ride Guardians of the Galaxy, so let's get ourselves over there!

When we arrived, there was quite a backup! Semi-official tape lines on the ground and a cast member with a stick sign helped direct people where to go if they were returning with a Lightning Lane reservation. If this is the line for us, I hate to think how slow and long the regular line will take. 

Some people just don't like big drops. Alli is one of those people. 

And so is Theresa. Together, they left the group and decided to ride along with some baby tractors at Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. 

The four of us ended up waiting 30 minutes in the Lightning Lane to get on the ride. 

Luckily we got the front row, which meant great pictures!

Who is hungry? Once again, we brought our dinner inside, opting for hot dogs that have stayed warm inside our thermoses surrounded by boiling water. Theresa also grabbed a couple loaves of sliced sourdough bread for us to munch on. It's delicious!

If we're going to truly conquer the Disney Mountains today, I think we need to squeeze in a trip on the Grizzly River Run. It might not have mountain in the name, but it looks like a mountain to me, and the ride circles around Grizzly Peak. Not everyone likes to get wet, or spin though, so we'll just have the four of us ride it. 

A few of us got wet, but it could have been a lot worse, especially if the geysers at the bottom were timed a little better. 

And fortunately everyone from our group who had a hat came back with a hat. Can't say the same for our fellow passengers. 

As we were enjoying that, Theresa and Alli went to the Redwood Challenge Trails. Alli has found the ziplines and had a great time sliding down the rope. 

Ooh, and the climbing walls. On our last visit here in 2020, the kids spent 30 minutes over here, going from wall to wall. It hasn't lost its appeal. 

Made it to the end. Hop down, check if there's someone else in line, then run around and do it again! 

Ian joined her shortly afterwards, and checking the timestamps on the photos, this area is still a hit. 25 minutes here playing on the climbing walls. 

California Screamin The Incredicoaster is up and running again! Earlier today it broke down right as we were about to board in the front row. We're back now, crossing our fingers that things are better now. 

Success! This time Alli is getting a front row seat to all the action. 

Theresa took that picture above, then rushed over to another spot to get us going around the loop. 

Look at all those happy smiling faces. The Incredicoaster is incredible! And they like seeing baby Jack Jack all over the place too. 

Toy Story Midway Mania is always a favorite, especially if we don't have to wait for the regular line. At the accessible lane there is a single cart where your cannon doesn't use a pull string, but has a push button instead. 
Theresa to the cast member - Is the button faster? 
Cast member - Yes, a little bit. 
Perfect! I'll help her go for a high score!

After the first screen, Theresa just wasn't feeling it. The cannon shot a little faster, but the projectiles were coming out of it from all sorts of different areas. Accuracy was not good.
She opted to have me go for the high score and she would play support. 

And so even missing out on a lot of points from the first screen, I did my best to play catchup. 
It helps having someone who knows what the bonus unlock screens are, and how to get them. I knew I was doing pretty good, but at the end they hide your score during the last screen so it's a surprise. And I got...

Oh no! 200 points shy of 300,000! At 300,000 points you win a bear instead of a deer. Aww. 

California Adventure closes at 9pm again tonight, and so at 8:55pm, we hopped in line for Spider-Man Web Slingers. Thirty minutes later (much better than 75 minutes) we were at the front of the line and ready to board. 
A friend of mine reminded me of how tired your arms get after this ride and she was totally right. You might be sweating after this ride. 

After Web Slingers, we walked back over to Disneyland which is still open until midnight! 
Off to Star Wars Land! Rise of the Resistance isn't happening, but Smuggler's Run is not too bad. 

Ian was happy to be an Engineer and was very proud of his 100% rate. 

Our flight was just as bumpy as the first time. 

New recruits, reporting for duty!

Good luck Alli and Pop Pop!

Unfortunately their photo got lost in space, but ours made it through. Theresa did good, but not quite as good last time. 

Since we're going with the space theme, why not go on a tour of the stars. A Star Tour if you will. 

So far today we have gone on The Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Grizzly River Run. Just one more mountain needed to have our Disneyland Mountaineer badge. 
Hyperspace Mountain for the win! 

It's 35 minutes to midnight and park closing. What should we go on to end out our night? 
Gram was wanting to ride the Storybook Canal Boats. Let's go! 
There wasn't much of a line. The kids were allowed to sit on the front of the boat as our designated whale watchers. 

We got closer and closer and there was nothing coming from the front. No alarm calls. Nothing. 

Hey Whale Watchers! There's a pretty big whale that's about to swallow us! Where is the warning call?!?

It's a cute ride, and I especially like floating under the jasmine bushes. It smells wonderful there. 

Peter Pan is a fun dark ride because it's got an overhead track. At 11:35pm we rolled up to the accessible entrance asking for a return time. The regular wait time was 30 minutes (after park closing). Instead of making us wait, we were guided right up the exit and allowed to board immediately! We weren't expecting that, but we'll take it!

Thank you! 

Mister Toad didn't have much of a line to speak of, so we were able to board nearly immediately! 

Mister Toad is quite wild! And the different scenes in the ride are crazy! The kids did not like it. 

Ian has fond memories of Casey Junior and really wanted to go on the train. Looks like we've got a boxcar full of monkeys! 

With 2 minutes to go before midnight, we hustled ourselves over to Dumbo. 

The night before we took our last ride on the Astro Orbiter spinner. Tonight we're ending on the Dumbo spinner. 

What a fun day! 

Look at all the rides we were able to go on in 12 hours today! And I was really impressed that in the last 35 minutes we made it on the Storybook Land Canal Boats, Peter Pan, Mr Toad, Casey Jr, and also Dumbo! 

The kids have been getting a lot of rides with Gram today! I was expecting that we'd get a lot of walking miles in to count towards our 600 mile goal, but with all this riding, it's hard to estimate what we've really earned! I'm showing that I walked 9.8 miles, but I won't be counting it for our goal. 

It was a quiet bus ride back to the Toy Story parking lot. 

But at 12:45 at night, Gram got a fast ride through the empty lot while the kids ran to keep up. 
Whew! Two late nights at Disneyland in a row! We'll be taking the next day off, and then coming back again on Monday! 

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  1. Two amazing days in a row, and up to the last minute and then some (and no one turned into a pumpkin, either :-)...what energy by everyone! The last half hour this day was a complete whirlwind...5 attractions in that short span (I really enjoy Storybook Land Canal Boats...quite a different experience at night vs day, too). Look at Alli & Ian go on the rock climbing. All hands up and big smiles on Guardians of the Galaxy...very nice! Everyone stayed fairly dry after the Grizzly Run...hats and all :-) Theresa caught a perfect loop photo as everyone rode the Incredicoaster...looks daunting seeing it loop like that! Great teamwork on TSMM...almost had that next tier in points. EOM