Friday, August 26, 2022

Pasadena Chalk Festival - Follow-up - It rained!

Just a couple days after the Pasadena Chalk Festival, it rained! 

Ruston lives nearby the Paseo and had to stop by to see what happened to everything! There's not going to be a lot of chatter from me on this one. It's just a collection of photos. Chalk art is temporary!

I'm glad it didn't rain during the event, but afterwards it looks so interesting!

In the photo above, I love how all the colors of the chalk blended together as they made their way to the drain. 

I can barely tell a difference with Johnny 5. He almost looks like he was printed on parchment now. 

And Ruston happened to catch the workers in action for how it usually gets cleaned off. A pressure washer!

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  1. Many of the chalk art took on a mystical, ethereal look...swirling colors moving in all sorts of ways. Seeing the pressure washer quickly transports me back to reality (and sad to see everything purposely "cleaned" if dreams and hopes were being washed away forever...thankfully, new dreams & hopes will come to replace the old ones in the days ahead!) EOM