Tuesday, August 23, 2022

2022 Pasadena Chalk Festival - Day 2 - Sunday Pt 2 - 2022/06/19

There's so many talented artists that come out to participate in the Pasadena Chalk Festival! Let's go take a look at some! I captured many of them here, but you can find so many more on the official website of the Pasadena Chalk Festival

Bianca, your piece turned out amazing this year! 

Such vibrant colors! And of course there's oranges in there. She loves putting oranges in her artwork. 

While the general public gets to vote for the People's Choice Award, the artists themselves get ballots to vote for multiple different judging categories. 

We came upstairs to the second level often to see Clif Gold and his lion portrait. 

That is a lot of detailed line work!

Beky Bell's piece looks beautiful! She's such a talent! 

Shaina Joel was our chalk neighbor back in 2019. This year she's doing an impressive Marilyn, 

Charlotte Scoville actually finished this year with time to spare! 

And Johnny 5 is ALIVE! And it wasn't lightning that brought him to life today. It was Curt von Badinski! Love it!  

And the chalk drawing robot has been hard at work! A little too hard. He's starting to run low on batteries. Curt was already talking about enhancements and improvements for next year! More colors, extra print heads, calibration, and more. I'm excited to see the updates!

Back in Animation Alley, and looking at some of our chalk neighbors this year. 
I love the cast of characters that Jamie Leake creates every year. It's always fun humor. This year it's a Momma and Poppa Garbage Truck giving their baby garbage truck a bath. 
Jamie and his wife Sarah are great. I remember how encouraging they were our first year when were feeling discouraged with how things were going. 

Adventure is out there! Jazlyn Jacobo has made the colors Pop! 

Stella Shrinsky, a first-timer we met at the artist party, has done a great job! Using a blue base was a great idea! I look forward to seeing you back next year!

Wow! Kayla Garcia has done awesome work again! Boba Fett's blaster is coming right out of the frame! 

Shuji Nishimura makes incredible photo-realistic murals year after year. 

Abby was just 11 years old when we met her for the first time back in 2015, as our chalk neighbor. I don't know where the time has gone, but somehow she's graduated high school and ready to go off to art school!

Oscar de Salcaja created this beautiful piece. 

Oh my. The pavement he worked on was so rough but he has filled everything with vibrant color!

Hello there! 
Thanks Yuji Baba!

Monica Petroczy mentioned to us a few times that she was really wanting that circle at the bottom of the stairs for her "Divine Feline Fresco". 

Nancy Ceballos made a perfect Fathers Day mural with Simba and Mufasa. 

I'm sadly way behind on all my Studio Ghibli movies, but my Sister-in-Law loves them. Edwin and Darren made this tribute to My Neighbor Totoro. 

Awesome Star Wars mural by Stephen Arnold!

Encanto! Patrick has made the yellows on this magical house so saturated and vibrant! 

Any time I see Genie, I think of my buddy Dylan White, genie for the Aladdin Musical Spectacular at Disney's California Adventure for many years. Great job Natalie Hayde!

Dinner was another round at Rubios. 

As the artists finished, and as the sun went down, the umbrellas also started coming down. 

From the Pixar Movie Turning Red. The artist was a friend of Minnie Mouse!

Event photographer Brian Biery get photos of every mural. He has a ladder to get higher above the artwork to help keep the perspective from being skewed at ground level. 

John Vaughn is hard at work to complete his mural. 


There we so many murals at the festival, and sometimes it's hard even for pictures to do it justice. If you really want the full experience, you've got to go there and see it for yourself! Next we'll continue with the Silent Auction and Judging. 

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  1. So many different creative ideas...sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, and sometimes just for fun!...hard to pick one favorite! The level of intricacy in some (e.g., the Lion portrait) is amazing. Boba Fett was on the move! That's quite a story of meeting Abby in 2015, and then 7 years later see her again and learn she's going to art school...her passion for art has only increased with the years. Didn't realize some of the pavement was so rough...hard enough to work on the pavement, but those rough spots pose even more challenges. You've befriended so many great artist friends through the years...such a joy for you to see them each year. EOM