Friday, July 3, 2015

Pasadena Chalk Festival Day 2 - Sunday part 2

After Theresa, Ian, and Jacob left, Ruston and I had a job to do. Every team of artists are given a ballot and are asked to go around the festival and vote for the best in a variety of categories.

  • Best of Festival
  • Best Technique
  • Best Rendition of a Masterpiece
  • Best Animation Mural
  • Most Inspirational
  • Best Use of Color
  • On the Way to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts)
  • Best 3D Effect
  • Most Humorous
  • Best in Chalk of Fame
  • Best New Artist

Our neighbor, 11 year old Abby who finished this cupcake princess.

And her mom, who made this scuba diver mask mural.

Wow, this Star Wars poster looks incredible.

Taking 3rd place this year for Best in Festival was Arlou Somo.

Let's go check out Animation Alley!
The Minions are taking over Jurassic World.

It's 60 years of Magic for Disneyland, not Mickey Mouse, but this one was still well done.

Wile E. Coyote turned out really well.

Gotham City Sirens Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

I like how Sailor Moon's bright yellow hair pops.

It's the 25th anniversary of the passing of the American's with Disabilities Act. The artists working this one finished it earlier today. Sad that people are already rearranging tables and sitting on it.

The colors on this one were blended really well. I have a new appreciation for how much talent it takes to get the colors to blend well.

Spider-man crawling out of the pavement towards us.

Kathleen Sanders was voted "On the Way to MOCA" for this eye mural.

Always nice to see some Disney references.

Moe Notsu always puts down an incredible photo-realistic mural. I didn't care for it as much this year, being a patchwork of multiple different faces, but what do I know. This year she was voted by all the other artists as Best in Festival.

Moe had a step-stool set up so people could get a better view.

Morbid, but funny.

Bruce, Marlin and Dory are coming along great. Bruce's teeth were especially well done.

Guardians of the Galaxy

A tribute to Leonard Nemoy.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Lee

Shaina Joel won Best Technique for her portrait of Elizabeth Taylor.

Around the world, looking at all the sights.

This was well done, but could have been so much more. The artist must have gotten a really late start because this was all that was completed.

Julio Jimenez was voted best 3D effect.

Catching him in action.

Looking down from the 2nd level to our mural. Our barriers are working nicely.

Ruston and I thought this 3D bookstore was also very well done.

All votes had to be turned in before 6pm in order to be counted before the 7pm awards ceremony. In a very formal ceremony, we turned in our ballot.

It's just a little before 6pm, and at 6pm the silent auction for all the 1x1 paintings is over. Lets head down and see what they're going for in the next update.

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