Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kauai Hawaii - Poipu Beach - Day 5

Our next day in Hawaii was again all about relaxing. Instead of staying at the hotel salt water lagoon, we drove down the road to Poipu Beach State Park.

Ian has us up bright and early, so we were able to get out the door pretty early and were one of the first on the beach.

Let's play in the real sand!

And playing in the waves.

This water is quite a bit colder than the lagoon. Ian wasn't super thrilled.

Aubrey and I explored the sand bar nearby.

This would have been a lot easier with sand socks. These pointy rocks hurt!

And hopping across gaps was challenging.

There's some organisms living in the pools between the rocks, so we didn't want to step on them.

Eventually we made it all the way out to the end.

Walking back, we came across a monk seal. There was already a keep-out zone around it, and a crowd had started to form.

Well like I was saying before, Ian really wasn't feeling it at the real beach. So instead we headed back to the hotel.

Back to the lagoon!

We haven't had shaved ice yet today. Better fix that!

And when we're done we can play with the bowls.

Ian really wanted to steal my glasses.

Tomorrow we're going to Allerton Garden.

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