Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kauai Hawaii - Day 2 and 3

It's day 2 in Hawaii. Food options certain do open up when we have the right tools.
For breakfast we made burritos stuffed with potatoes, bacon, eggs, cheese, and salsa. Add some pineapple and bagels and we're dining like kings.

One more item that proved very useful on this trip was Ian's highchair. It also came with us in the checked luggage, and it was so much easier at mealtimes to strap him in to something and let him feed himself instead of having him on a lap.

Every morning we pretty much the same routine. Walk out the patio door to the grass and get lotioned up for the day.

Whoa. Crazy hair.

Another morning of lounging in the salt water lagoon. Now this is vacation.

Looking back towards the hotel.

Ian really enjoyed swimming.

Once we gave him his bucket and shovel, he was content to play by himself and let everyone else veg out.

Found a flower floating in the water.

Time to leave and grab some lunch. But first, swinging in a hammock. I love how he's got his hands behind his head and his legs crossed, just chillin.

Shoes on. Time to go.

After eating lunch in the room, Aubrey was feeling like we all needed a treat. Hawaiian Shaved Ice is a favorite of hers, so we did a quick Yelp search to see what was around.
On the way out to the car, we walked by two black swans that live at the hotel. They enjoy Cheerios even more than Ian does!

And soon we even had a gathering of fish nearby also looking for stray Cheerios.

One of the top rated shaved ice places on the island called The Fresh Shave was just a short drive from our hotel. It's a tiny little mobile trailer with a few benches outside.

They're only open from 11am-3pm, and Yelp reviews warned us that they tend to sell out of certain flavors very quickly. Sure enough, when we arrived at 2pm, they had sold out of all flavors except one. All their flavors are named for mustache types, and we got The Whiskers - Sweet + Mint + Lime, Mint infused syrup with a hint of lime.

Good thing they're selling shaved ice in there. On a hot day like today, I'm sure they be roasting in that tin can otherwise. When we ordered, they only had enough syrup to make 3 more cups. We only got 1 cup for the 4 of us to split, and the next group in line bought the last two shaved ices. Too bad for everyone else who came up after us.

Haha. I love that each of the straws comes with a mustache.

The Whiskers shaved ice was good... but it was a little too gourmet for us. The flavors were tasty and sophisticated, but that's not really what we were in the mood for.

So we piled back into the car and headed to another shop just down the road.

While some of us wanted shaved ice, T was feeling more like ice cream. Lappert's was right up her alley.

So many tasty looking flavors. Too bad many of them have nuts.

Uncle's Shave Ice was right next door and was more than willing to satisfy our shaved ice craving. Aubrey was very happy with her pink lemonade shaved ice, while I ordered a shaved snow. Unique to this shop, a shaved snow uses frozen milk instead of ice.

Ian got a hold of mommy's ice cream cone and went to town on it.

After our expedition out, it was time to come back and spend the day relaxing in the lagoon again.

Now this is vacation.

He's not swimming so much. Wonder why?

He's got a grip on that bucket and shovel, making sure they don't go anywhere.

We took a brief break to swing.

Oh boy. Once I started doing this, Ian couldn't get enough. He loved falling down into the water and splashing real big. As soon as he surfaced he'd be asking me again "Stam up? Stam up? Stam up?"

T is enjoying the relaxing time in the chairs.

We all are.

As the day goes on, it's time to pack up and head back to the room for dinner and bedtime. Another fun day in Hawaii.

Because Day 3 was very much like Day 2, I'll be covering them together. It started like every other morning getting lotioned up.

Then heading down to the salt water lagoon.

Getting suited up.

As soon as we settled, it was "Stam Up?"

Fun times.

After breaking for lunch, Ian went down for a nap and T decided to join him.

That meant Aubrey and I could go explore the resort. Have to make sure we get some shaved ice. We've had a frozen treat every day so far since we've gotten here, so we've got to keep the streak going.
The resort's food service bar has shaved ice, but I wasn't really a fan of any of the flavors. Lychee, banana, papaya, guava, green tea... Couldn't just have cherry huh?

Wandering the grounds, we can upon a croquet set. I couldn't believe Aubrey had never played, so I schooled taught her how to play.

Instead of his regular hour nap, Ian must have been really tired. He was still go strong after 2 hours. Just gave me more time to catch up on my reading.

Once he woke up, can you guess what we did?

Went to the lagoon again? You're right.

Sad to see another day finished. Don't worry though buddy. I'm certain we'll be here again soon.

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