Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bringing Epcot's Club Cool home

One place that I always visit while at Disney World is Club Cool at Epcot. There they have sodas from all around the world.
But, it doesn't have to stop after you go home! Our local World Market stocks a wide variety of sodas of all different types and they're typically $1.50 per bottle. I picked up many "interesting" flavors and was waiting for the chance to try them out.

And the last week of June, Theresa's brother Donald and his whole family were all out visiting. Perfect! They enjoy Club Cool at WDW almost as much as me!
We each picked the soda that intrigued us the most and set it out to sample.

Abby started us off with this Peanut Butter and Jelly concoction from Jones Soda.

Oh man. At first you taste the sweet grape flavor, but it quickly gets out of the way and that salty peanut butter taste takes hold and just doesn't want to let go. Wow. A sip of this goes a very long way.

Next up, Donald decided that a Candied Bacon Cream soda would be a good thing to try.

Amy's face pretty much says it all. "Worse than Beverly (the bitter Italian soda from Club Cool)." Amy said. It was a salty and hickory/smoky flavor that definitely reminded you of bacon. The question you really have to ask yourself though, is do you really want to taste a bacon soda.

Theresa gave it a shot and really didn't think it was terrible.

You can't really mess up a Cucumber soda can you?
Nope. This tiny Mr. Q Cumber soda came in a tiny 7 oz bottle. There was some sweetness to it, but it really it tasted like carbonated cucumber water.

Austin chose a Lemmy Lemonade, which happens to be my favorite soda of the bunch. More than just a carbonated lemonade, it has a great tang to it.

To finish us off, Amy chose a Satsuma Fizz. This tasty sweet orangy soda was a hit.

To end everything on a delicious note, I cracked open a Polar Vanilla Cream soda.

Well, some of us ended it on that note. Austin, Donald and I took the remains of the Peanut Butter and Jelly and the Candied Bacon sodas and combined them. And the result? Can nothing over-power the peanut flavor of the Jones soda?

There's plenty more flavors remaining. Now I just need another good excuse to do this again!

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