Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pasadena Chalk Festival Day 2 - Sunday part 1

It's the 2nd day of the Pasadena Chalk Festival. Ruston and I spent the first day getting something down on the ground, hoping to spend Sunday doing minor touchup. Let's see how our mural fared overnight.
Oh no...

We'd learn from other artists who were here later than us last night, that people were just walking all over it the night before. I guess we should have put up barriers to keep people off overnight. Sigh. There will be a bit of work to do to finish this off today.

I walked up to the artist check-in area to grab us a couple waters and happened to find chalk heaven! I was able to find so many colors we needed, so I wouldn't have to worry about being short colors again. I should have taken a break and come up here yesterday looking for chalk.

While I was up grabbing more chalk, Ruston was chatting with other artists. They felt our pain and were happy to offer suggestions. One artist in particular, John Vaughn, who did the mural below, did one better than that. He gave us some of his materials that he said would be even better at making an even coating on the ground compared to what we were using. Big thanks to him for his help!
The camaraderie between all the artists has been great. Everyone has been helpful, and is happy to share techniques.

Time to get to work. Adding black to the right side.

Ruston touching up the background colors, now that we have lots of the right colored chalk.

Being right next to the main stage, we were treated to lots of music. It was very very loud, but there were many times Ruston and I would just be singing along to it. It did make it difficult to ask for things from each other though.

There were plenty of volunteers like these ones, manning coolers all around the area. As long as you had your artist lanyard, you were free to grab a water or soda. Along with that, there were more volunteers today carrying trays of chalk around asking if you wanted to swap any colors. We put a request in for as many black sticks and white sticks as they could find, and they certainly delivered. I was thinking I'd need to buy $20 worth more chalk, but between that and the supplies John gave us, we didn't need anything.

Despite the obstacles, about 4 hours later, we were finished.

Wow it's been a long weekend. I'm not used to bending over so much!

There's still a few areas we could have touched up (I won't point them out to you), but we soon had visitors! Theresa, Ian and Jacob all showed up at lunchtime, and we were going to spend the rest of the day with them.

One of Ruston's friends came out to see us.

In what is becoming tradition now, Islands was our stop for lunch. The place was hopping, and the waitress confirmed that even more than Black Friday or Christmas Eve, this is their busiest day of the year.

Ian, share your french fries with daddy!

After lunch it was time to see how all the other drawings were going.

This portrait of John Lennon by Shuji Nishimura was very popular.

Jem is completed.

I thought this was an interesting take on an animal. The background is the animal's skin pattern and the inside is the background. The guy doing this one was very friendly. He probably came to our mural 5-6 times each day and chatted for a minute or two.

There was a classic car show going on here on Sunday too. Plus a police helicopter had landed in the middle of the street for viewing.

It was a really hot day, and we're walking around in the worst of it. The Pasadena Auditorium is open though! And you can feel the AC pouring out the doors. Let's go in there!

We grabbed a seat in the nice and quiet auditorium.

But it wasn't long before the super loud organ started playing. Ian wasn't a fan. The loud noises scared him a little and he gave T great big hugs.

And when he wasn't holding on tightly to mom, he was covering his ears.

But when the playing was finished, he was always polite and gave the organist applause.

Time to look through some more art.
Here's what the artist who came all the way from Italy put down on the pavement.

Animaniacs! Yakko, Wakko, and their sister Dot!

Wow, this Star Wars one is looking great! I hope to see it finished!

Baymax in battle armor.

Looking down from the 2nd level over our mural.

It's certainly garnering some attention. And I see the chairs and boogie boards we left are doing their job keeping people from walking on top of it.

With that, Jacob, Theresa, and Ian took off. It was great having them come up and see what Ruston and I accomplished.
Ruston and I aren't through yet though. Each of the artists are given a form to pick their favorite murals from a variety of categories. We're taking another trip around the festival to find our favorites. We'll continue from there.

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