Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor

Who's hungry? It's summertime and that means the Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor is going on down in Long Beach. Every third Wednesday and Thursday of the month, from May to September, 45 different shops and restaurants offer tasty treats to passers by. It's become tradition for Theresa, Jacob and I to go, and somehow it happens that Rita, who has been here for 3 of the last 4 Stroll and Savors is here this year too.

Gone now are the ticket booklets. Now there's numbered tear-off tabs. It's still $10 for 12 tickets, so 1 ticket is worth approx 83¢. We parked along the street on the north-west side, then made our way to 2nd street.

Let's eat!

Well since it's close by... why not start with dessert? The Frosted Cupcakery always has delicious offerings, and they're only 1 ticket each!

My favorite salted caramel hi-tops aren't here today, but there's still some tasty treats. We've got chocolate caramel toffee minis, royal white vanilla minis, and red velvet cream cheese hi-tops.

Do these people know me or what? Instead of diving right in, they lined up for a photo, without me even having to ask.

Weird. He wasn't a fan of the red velvet cupcakes. Tasted good to me though.

In past years, Nick's on 2nd has impressed me with their delicious offerings. One year they had a fried chicken and waffle sandwich (amazing) and last year it was fall-off-the-bone ribs. This year it's... nothing. Jacob even went inside to make sure. How unfortunate.

On most of our other trips, we'd continue down the north side of the street and cross over when we get to the end. However, Rita's favorite item of the entire event is the bruschetta at La Strada Italiano. Let's start this trip off right and go straight there. That way we won't run the risk of them running out by the end of the night. After buying 1 piece of bruschetta for 1 ticket, just to make sure it was still as good as she remembered, she ordered 3 more!

Aubrey and I decided the Penne Au Gratin with chicken in a cream sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese looked delicious. I was a little disappointed with the dinky portion you got for 2 tickets, but it was delicious and cheesy.

Looks like someone is hungry.

Just beside La Strada was Thai Gourmet, where Jacob got a big portion of pad thai for 4 tickets.

Ian started digging in.

At the Urban Table, Jacob and I split a meatloaf 'cupcake' with mashed potato 'icing'. For three tickets, it was interesting, but when I think of meatloaf, I can't help but compare it to my mom's. Jacob and I both agreed it could use some ketchup.

At Gallo's Italian Deli, Rita picked up a large salad for 2 tickets and seemed pretty happy with it.

Panama Joe's had a large pan of jalapeƱo bacon macaroni and cheese that cost 3 tickets per bowl.

It was definitely spicy, and the toasted breadcrumbs were delicious. The noodles though were mush and this dish could have been done better.

After watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, of course he know's Mickey. Lately he loves saying "donna duck".

1, 2, 3.


Legend's Sports Bar had a pulled pork slider for 3 tickets.

Jacob, Ian and I all split it, while T finished off the coleslaw. Not bad at all.

Powell's Sweet Shop had tiny little ice cream cones for only 1 ticket. They offered a chocolate hazelnut that I just had to try, and a pistachio/vanilla/chocolate that Rita had to try since she's a big pistachio fan.
Unfortunately my chocolate hazelnut was super gritty and just not good. When Rita raved about hers, I knew I needed to try that one too.

These are perfect Ian sized cones.

As soon as he saw it he said "Cream!" I think the grandparents might be giving him ice cream when we're not around.


At the end of the street was a table for Cheese Addiction. We've found some tasty things in the shop before. Here they offered a 2 year cheddar (nothing special to us, but Ian loved it), and a cheese arepa that came hot out of the oven and was gooey and buttery. Both cost 2 tickets.

Let's check in with Ian.
Whoa! Someone enjoyed his ice cream cone.

T and Rita cleaned him up a little before we continued.

Having finished the south side of the street and starting to feel stuffed, we continued our journey on the north side.
Domenico's Italian Restaurant has a tasty ground pepperoni pizza slice for 2 tickets.

Take a giant bite buddy. It's good stuff.

Someone loves pasta. I think this sundried tomato and cream sauce pasta came from Buona Gente for 3 tickets.

How many tickets do we have left? Just 3? Where can we spend them?

You could smell Sweet Jill's from a block away, but we were saving our tickets for something else.

Yep, we'll end where we started. Back at the Frosted Cupcakery with a few treats to end our night.

In the end, between the 5 adults we spent $40 and were able to sample over a dozen different treats. I'd call that a good night. Hitting the south side of the street paid off too I think. It seemed like it was less busy going down that side first, and then going on the north side after more people arrive.

If you missed out in June, don't worry! The Belmont Shore Stroll and Savor will be back in July, August and September!

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