Thursday, August 11, 2022

National S'mores Day with Jacob - August 10th

 Jacob is visiting us and reminded us that it’s National S’mores day! Let’s celebrate!

The only three ingredients you need for a perfect dessert

Fire bans are keeping us from having a campfire, but my Sister-in-law Jessica suggested making them in the oven.
Theresa just wanted a toasted marshmallow. She used the single Graham cracker over again to toast another one.

Just a few minutes on broil and they’re done. 


This might even beat the campfire method because the chocolate gets melty too!


Maybe they can be messy.

Alli - Can I have a raw s’more?

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  1. S'mores...a gooey, yummy (and sometimes messy) treat of deliciousness! Alli may have solved the gooey & messy aspects of a s'more :-) Sounds like Theresa takes "reuse, reuse" to a new level :-) Delicious National S'mores Day! EOM