Sunday, August 7, 2022

Orange Creamsicle Milkshakes with oranges from Orangeland RV

One of the happy benefits of being at Orangeland RV park is that we are allowed to pick as many oranges as we like. But what can we do with all those oranges and that delicious juice? You know what I bet would be delicious? A milkshake, but with orange juice. A creamsicle milkshake. 

And so that's what we set about making!

Of course we have to gather oranges. The office here lets you borrow picker baskets to get the high fruit that you can't otherwise reach. 

We picked plenty. 

Then squeezed them to get the juice out. This juicer has a dome on the inside to press into the sliced oranges. I toyed with inverting the slices and squeezed them on both sides to extract more juice, but stopped after a little while once Theresa and Alli claimed that the resulting juice became too bitter. I don't know if it was the orange oils or what, but it definitely affected the flavor if I squeezed the skin side too much. 

There's not too much that goes into this creamsicle shake. 

We have plenty of orange juice, and we lucked out to find Orange Cream ice cream. I didn't have milk but did have Heavy Whipping Cream. That'll work out just fine I imagine. 

All that goes into my Vitamix blender. It powers through anything you can throw into it. 

I mean, with those ingredients, how can it be anything but delicious. 

And the results were amazing. Ian said it was the best milkshake he's ever had, and we've tasted a whole lot of different milkshakes! 17 different milkshakes at one time in fact!
This was a fun recipe to make with oranges we picked ourselves! 

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  1. Nice presentation photo at the slice on the cup was the clincher! What a refreshing Orange Creamsicle Milkshake...the freshly squeezed sweet oranges must have added that extra "something" to make it the "best milkshake" (at least Ian thinks it's the best :-) ) A delicious treat, especially on a warm summer day...a great idea on how to use some of the fresh oranges! EOM